Tuesday, May 29, 2012


1230pm Saturday

Always a busy day at the biker store a day after a holiday so I cut the HP visit pretty short. Just a lot to do today.
This weekends riding was pretty good with about 6 hours in the seat. Saturday morn was a washout then worked the rest of the day. However got out for two 3 hour rides both Sunday and Monday. Both rides on the Domane as pretty good sized storms were rolling thru on and off both days. So I did not hit the woods. Its windy today so maybe will hit some single track for lunch. Its been too long since I did so.
As I put in more saddle time again this weekend I am starting to feel better once more. All I need is to drop some weight, and not a ton of weight, just some, and I will be back in the ballgame. I hope to do that soon.

On Monday, the parade marched past the store. I watched for a little while. Then rode my bike. The weather was a bit windy on Monday. But we had 7 of us to work the pace line. Was not that bad.
Better get to work if a wanna ride in a couple hours.....


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