Monday, May 14, 2012



Another awesome warm morning. As I sit and watch the lake I get mesmerized by the light twinkling off the water. I could stare at it for hours. Its hypnotizing to me. And still the bestest way to start a day (along with coffee of course).

I am still not up to 100% or "full gas" as Fabian says. My issues last week that kept me off the bike now just went into my chest. But I did attend several rides this weekend.

Not sure what the hell I was doing with these fast guys.

Sunday had me in Greenbush, riding the Northern Kettles trails. I knew the guys would be faster, being a slower guy and throwing being under the weather to boot but I did get to hang on for about 45 minutes before I told them to go. I gatta say, I am no longer a fan of these trails. And that may sound a bit sacrilegious but its true. Im glad I have these trails about 15 miles from my house and its not like Im never going to ride them. But its just too many rocks. Rocks everywhere. I understand rocks are part of MTBing but after about 45 minutes of nothing but rocks it gets old. And being a heavier guy I struggle after a while. Im hanging on to the bars so hard I get arm pump. While the trails do flow once in a while, its mostly dancing over rocks, wheels sliding off to the left and right. Sometimes both wheels at the same time. You need to be on your toes at all times. I cant believe I dont screw up my carbon wheels out here.
I cant imagine doing a 12 hour race there as some did just a day earlier. I struggled with just one lap. Let alone 10. That was my MTBing for the weekend.
Saturday had me rolling with the road group. I had to work at the store so I could not do the entire ride but maybe the first hour or so. I did not last that long. I miscalculated. As I mentioned a million times before, I gatta treat the social rides like races. Tactics come into play all the time and this ride was a good example of that. As we rolled north we were into a direct headwind. The kind were a little off to the left or right of the wheel in front of you was no good. Directly behind. I was tucked into the top 20% of the peloton and was riding comfortably. After several miles the next turn was a left, or west. Rolling up to the turn I was day dreaming and was rolling on the right side of the group. So once we turned left, has a direct sidewind from the right and I was stuck on the right side of what was now a echelon. I had no way to get out of the wind, slipped back to try and work the left side and fell off the back, not to return. Had I positioned myself on the left side of the group before we got to the turn I would have been fine. One small mistake and its curtains for me.
I always thought I was kinda a good tactician when it came to cycling. And thats because I lived it everyday for the last 10 years. The stronger riders never had to worry about being out of place now and then cuz they could just drag themselves right back in. I needed to pay more attention cuz I could not. And missing out Saturday was due to a rookie mistake. Not a big deal cuz I had to flippit and head back anyway so my heart was not in a chase. Who knows, under normal (not being sick) circumstances I maybe could have bridged.
So that was my weekend. Hope Im up to full gas by next weekend. I'll call it early and say Im not going to the WORS race. Just does not make sense to plan when Im down a bit. The weather is summerlike and I hope to ride, but it will be a bit of soft peddle until I feel closer to 100%.  And thats fine by me as long as I get outside.


Anonymous said...

oh no not my poor carbon wheels

Dan Dittrich said...

Dear Mean guy,
My carbon wheels are not "poor". They do just fine.
And really, your getting kinda weak. That was a poor attempt of a shot.
I expect way more from you in the future.