Monday, May 21, 2012


815am. Jet pilot having a fun morning?
845 Morning view.
Nice weekend. Great weather. Almost 100 miles on the Domane. But first another seller Monday morn in the HP. Today's visit included a crazy X in the sky. Not sure if this was man made or not but I would like to think it was some jacked up pilot having a good time.

The weekend riding was good. Saturday had me rolling out with the group and I played my cards as best I could. But in the end it was the inclines that did me in. I fell off about 17 miles in and just as the group was going to disappear out of sight someone flatted. And I rolled back in. In fact, I knew there was a hilly section coming up so I continued on and went up those hills slowly and easy. I cleared that tough section solo and it was only a few minutes after the group rolled up. That kept me in the game almost all the way till breakfast. The group shattered once more during a 30mph run and I was off the back again but this time I was not alone and they waited up after a while.
After we ate it was game on and I was once again spit off the back but with less than 10 miles to go there is no more waiting and I rolled into the lot about 5 or so minutes behind.
While I struggled, I need to do these rides more to get faster. And hope to do so. I was absolutely devastated for the rest of the day. Limping after about 50 very hard miles.
After the ride I took the Domane home and so I did not need to hit the store to ride. That was nice and took advantage and got back on the bike Sunday. I was still a bit stiff from the "race" the day before but after a bit felt better as the ride continued. I had a great 35+ solo miles ride. I felt good so I jumped on a hill to open up a little and for sure had nothing. So I backed off and had a great soft peddle ride.
Got my first sunburn. One that hurt when I hit the sheets. So there go's trying to avoid the bike tan. I guess that was inevitable. 
Im pegging my first race in Wausau in two weeks. Shooting to have two great weeks in riding since the weather is great. I guess I should start riding the Superfly more. At least in the next few weeks.

Looking forward. Here's to a good summer..


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