Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Bonty D3. 25c tires. Thats how I roll. Smooth.
You ever have one of those mornings when you wake up and just can't wait to ride? For me that is today. No spesific reason. Just really want to. Maybe its because I have the new Bonty D3's mounted up on the Domane. But its way more than that. Suns out again. Its been like 5 days in a row now. Every day I get a little more pumped.

Todays HP visit was short. I was there, but never got out of the car. Drive thru only.

I think the reason Im (more) pumped to ride is that Im starting to feel better on the bike with each ride. I guess Im training, kinda.
For me, training is riding as much as I can, fast and slow, and limiting my food intake considerably. It hard for me to get motivated to do so.... until I start seeing results. Then its game on.
So... I wanna ride cuz I feel it improving. Weight going down.

For me, training is easy to plan, harder to do. Mentally, it hard to push myself into pain when alone. That's why group rides are so good for me. I have no choice but to chase hard. And I use the group rides to gauge my progress. And to hone my tactics. I planned on doing our local Wednesday Nite Worlds tonite but have a bike fitting at 6pm. Damn.
But once I start losing weight my ambition increases and I ride harder alone. And it hurts a ton. My training is way different than most. I train to lose weight. That means riding on a empty stomach. So not only do my legs get a workout, I feel like crap doing it. It hurts. I ride in the morning before I eat anything. Only coffee.
Now all you trainers out there, calm down, Im not starving myself. Just riding with a constant calorie deficit. And that's a fine line. A fine line that I have struggled with for a decade. 
Take in too many calories and you feel great on the bike, but negate some of the weight loss.
Take in too little and you hurting on the bike. And some time after. There were some rides I dont even remember how I got back.
Really, I train for weight loss only. Bike fitness just will come along with it without giving it any thought. Most athletes train for fitness. They also deal with the calorie issue but its opposite of what I have to do. I would hate to have to stick to training plan.
Ride cuz you have to. It does not  sound hard but when its cold and raining you still have to do it. Also, having a rest day on a day like today would be also tough for me to do. I'm glad I don't follow a plan. I sure if I did I would get fitter. But really, for me, weight loss has way more impact on my performance than fitness. 

So its game on. Gonna jump in the saddle as soon as help gets to the store this morn. Two hours. I will ride on a empty stomach and I will do a few intervals. And it will hurt. And I will lose a little more weight.
Rinse and repeat.


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