Monday, May 7, 2012

Rain. Priority's.

file foto. 2008 Lots o' rain
Can it get any wetter?
When it rains on and off for 4 days (and counting) I need to prioritize my time. 

Here's how it go's:
First comes work
Second comes sleep (yup)
Third comes family
Forth comes riding.
Fifth comes most other things. Cutting the grass is about 14th. Sometimes I can integrate the forth into the first.  And do that quite often.
You can always tell when my schedule get tight as the blog suffers. Missing a day or two is no big deal but feels weird since I do it almost every day. But... something has to go if I want to retain my ride time.
On Saturday I got in almost 3 hours between the rain drops. On the Domane. Its funny how when I started riding it I felt the dampening. Now, Im used to it and don't feel it anymore. Kinda got used to it after 200 miles. 

I had the Superfly prepped to do the MTB race Sunday and pulled the plug only at the last minute. Glad I did. I would have never put a demo bike thru that mud. I saw pictures of drivelines that made me cringe. Why someone would put their $2k driveline thru that I don't know. This is the first time in a few years I have missed the opener but was happy to save the equipment to ride another day.. There's plenty of summer to go. 

I would assume that the MTB trails are washed out for awhile. My time on a MTB has been less in April than March. Its been awhile since. And that's OK for now as my focus on the MTB will be later summer and fall. Right now, Im just happy to grab a couple hours now and then.



Jon said...

"Why someone would put their $2k driveline thru that I don't know." That is precisely why $2k drivetrains don't make any sense to me. If your mountain bike is too expensive to get muddy, doesn't that kinda take away alot of its charm...?

My 8-speed bike with thumbshifters may not be as cool as a new bike with XX on it, but at least I can ride in nasty conditions without taking out a second mortgage.

Dan Dittrich said...

Good point!