Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mr. Michigan

1980..... and  now they complain about bikes on the beach?

As I sat and had my coffee this morn, staring out on to the lake, in my HP I thought about how I could do this almost everyday of my life. Most days twice.
I've always lived within a mile of this thing and came to visit it since I was allowed beyond my yard. Maybe a bit sooner......

In the pic Im 20 years old. My family owned quite a bit of property that reached the shoreline. As a early teen I would grab all my dad's expensive backpacking gear and spend the nite on the beach. He was not too exited about that but let me do it anyway. He understood. Falling asleep with the waves was near religious to me.

Living a full mile from the sandy beach was actually cool. It was nothing but woods and a little farmland in between and it was not long before I had a set path thru the woods to get there. Getting there was half the fun. Crossing a creek twice. Fun stuff for a 13 year old. I guess that stretch of land was my HP then, and maybe its why I have a HP today.

I think everyone needs a Happy Place.

As I got older I started to bring friends down there. That's another story but a very good time in my life. Then I got older, married, kids, etc. That limited my time there and that's where ATV's came in. First 3 wheelers as in the foto, the 4 wheelers.

With these machines I now could get to my then happy place in 5 minutes. And opened up another chapter.
Now, while working on the family farm I could zip down on my lunch. Hang for a while before I got back to work. As in today, most of the time it was twice a day. Near the end, I took my kids down there on the 4 wheeler. That continued another 10 or so years until about 1998, until the old clan of my family past, and slowly the land was sold and now gone. I still to this day live on the same plot of land that is a mile from the beach. But today, I cant use it to get to the beach.

Today, my happy place is still next to Mr. Michigan, just about 12 miles south. I still reach it twice almost every day both by bike and car.

And as I have my coffee, I stare out across the water exactly the same way I did 35 years ago.
And here's to many years more.....
Things in my life come and go but Mr. Michigan will always be there. And I will always stay by his side until the end.


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