Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I cant help talking bout all these glorious mornings. Ton of sun. Warm temps. I know this all seems like one day running into another but I don't care. Every morning that I hit my HP I see something new. Or newer. Or just out of the ordinary. I think most people would not. I think most people just don't know where to look, or how to look. Being able to look correctly a gift I think we are born with.


Like these lilacs. These things are all over the park but you don't notice them but for a few weeks per year. And since most people don't see them, don't look for them or just don't notice them. They weren't there last week so wont notice them this week. So next time just don't look.... really look.
You would be surprised as to what you find right under your nose.

As I mentioned before I'm going to try and race in a few weeks. So I'm kinda trying to lay out some saddle time. The weather could not be cooperating any more than it is. Warm temps and sun (burn) for the 10 day out look.
Its game on and I'm doing it for real.
Today and tomorrow is road miles.
Thursday I'm in the woods.
I'm not sure about after Thursday cuz I'm incapable of planning my life more than 3 day ahead. But I'm sure I will think of something.

For all you carbon wheel haters, I'm getting my second set of Bonty D3's today and they will go on the Domane before the UPS truck pulls out of the ally. Today is my last ride on the Easton EC90's as they are going to a good home as soon as I yank them off the road bike.
The Eastons are awesome wheels and I will use them again someday on my road bike. But I want more time on the fat wheels to confirm my first impression. However, my Easton MTB wheels are so good they are not coming off the Superfly for nuthin'. Not no way not no how.
But you can have them in October.

Its ride time. Im out.


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