Friday, May 11, 2012

Its a better day.

Today's post will be quite a bit more positive than the last few.  An absolutely beautiful day. Warm and sun. Spent 45 min in my Happy Place sipping coffee and watching the seagulls nosedive into the lake. It was very entertaining.

What a way to start the day. Can you tell Im feeling  better?
Yesterday I did get a 17 mile ride in. Was no where close to 100 percent but had a good soft peddle with a blistering average of 13mph. On the Domane.

This morning, while I think Im producing enough snot to fill a 5 gallon bucket per day, am feeling much better. I have some help scheduled in today so Im able to hit another ride some time around noon. Cant wait.

The 5 day weather forecast is awesome. Sun and warm. And I for sure will be taking advantage of that. I be on Saturdays group ride but I gatta flippit and get back to the store by 10am. Then might just run out to this race and watch the finish. Then I have a wedding to attend Sat nite.  And I have big plans in my head for Sunday. Plans that finally include the MTB. 

The Sickness had me down for almost a week and Im going to do my best to make up.

That sounds like fun. Have a great weekend.


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