Friday, May 18, 2012



By rights I should have taken a bike ride with a morning like this. But I do have a pretty good riding weekend on tap so I opted for an extended stay in my HP this morn. Its almost as good as a bike ride.

I spent almost an hour here with stops at several fav spots. And coffee.

Fridays have been busy at the shop so I get here early. Mostly bikes to tune up and get out by the weekend. And its a race weekend too. Which I will not be going. Still not 100% health wise yet. Lingering congestion. I hear of so many people with the same thing. I can ride fine, just would not race yet. In the past I have always done well at this weeks race and always enjoyed making a weekend of it. Next year.

Here is a nice mix of tour bikes in the store. Not all mine. And not really a mix. Three Truckers and a Waterford. Last year it was cross bikes. This year tour bikes.
Since I mentioned cross, I still do not have one. Still waiting to see what Trek does with discs, if anything. I'm a little gun shy due to the way they released the Domane. I would love to be riding a new Cronus but dont want to see the disc version come out a week after I get mine. Cross bikes are so hard to order due to the season really starting in late Sept, and the new bike year turns over in Aug.
So I will wait. I really doubt if Trek will do some crazy thing with cross bikes because they still tale a back seat to the Madone\Domane\TopFuel.

So I better get to work. Plus I have to cut my grass today if I want to ride more tomorrow. Hope you all get out and ride this weekend.
Good luck to those racing.
And to those who are not I guess.


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