Thursday, May 3, 2012

First Rides

Disc Trucker for the long haul.
In the past Ive complained about always riding a bike that's not mine. I get a demo bike to ride but its really a rental. I have to get rid of it in time. I guess I don't have to but the next latest and greatest is always right around the corner. So as a store owner the bike rotation continues. From Madone to Domane. And now from Long Haul Trucker to Disc Trucker.

Several years ago I dreamed about such a situation. All the bikes you can ride and more.  But deep down I sometimes do not like it. I never get to ride a bike that I call my own. I cant do all the little knick knack things people do to their own bikes. I even leave on all those pesky warning stickers all over the bike. I miss the feeling of ownership. Really, Pinky (my old cross bike) is the only bike that is mine and mine alone. I rode it a few times a couple weeks ago but now its in the basement is some state of disassemble.
So yeah, I ride bikes that cost 10k, but I have to give them back. Im not complaining, just sayin' its not the same as owning it.

So another first ride today. This time on my new Disc Trucker. That's right, its mine. I own it. Its not for sale. I can get you one just like it, but just not this one. Full Sram Apex. 26in disc wheels carry the load. Every piece is new. First ride went great. I am in love with the smooth ride this bike produces. Carbon over steel. It rides like a Cadillac. Only change is going to be a Brooks saddle. And did I mention its mine?

Last years bike. Non disc and for sale.
I put together a Long Haul Trucker last year but opted for this years disc brakes and for me, was a worthy upgrade. Add 70 pound of stuff to the bike plus with me being a bigger guy had me bombing down the big hills with my eyes wide open and rim pads just a smokin'. Stopping or even slowing was a major project doing that. Not anymore. On a touring bike discs are the only way to go.
I am currently planning several trips. My big trip is around Lake Michigan. Spending time circling my ol' wet friend sounds like a good time to me. But that one is iffy as Im not sure how much time I will have. Its easy enough to plan. Its been done a million times as routes are well documented. But I have a few smaller trips in my pocket if this does not plan out.
I love touring. Its fun, laid back and exciting at the same time. Push off in the morning not knowing where you will be sleeping that nite is cool.  I'm looking forward to it.

And the salesmen in me would not let me close this post without saying that I'll sell last years bike for $450.00 less racks. 56cm. That's less than the cost of the frame alone.

It just seems that I have the most fun on cheaper (less expensive) bikes.


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