Thursday, May 17, 2012

Disc Trucker. 945am

Got in about 3 hours on the disc trucker in the last two days. The Brooks saddle sits just fine. Many have told me about the long break in process these saddles have. I have no experience with Brooks until now. I can say that after a two hour ride today it felt fine. Good even.
I think I can spend seven or so hours on it right out of the box.

I love riding the Trucker. Smooth. And really, I can ride fast enough for a bike that weighs 37 pounds and has 26in wheels.
After three hours of peddle time I will go thru it one more time with a wrench and call it good to go.
Then, I will have to find a weekend (or a few days anytime) where I can do a small tour. Camp out.
Then, my plan for circling Lake Michigan in August is still on. But there's a lot of time between then and now to change things. Either way I will use this bike several times this year. Not just ride it, but use it for what its meant to do.
And that is to carry my ass with about 70 pounds of stuff to where ever I wanna ride to.

Will be doing it for real.



Leigh Blackall said...

Hello Dan, I found your blog via image search. Im looking for a pump and front rack for my dusc trucker. What are you using here?

Dan Dittrich said...

The racks are Surly. The pump is just any frame mounted pump. Tons of manufacturers make them.... Mine is a Topeak.