Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Another great start to the day. Its sunny but almost 40 degrees colder than yesterday. But still going to hit somewhere in the 60's so its all good.
Over an hour in the HP this morn.

Lets talk about the comments on this blog. Seems I have some people who religiously read this blog that do not like me. That's OK.

Mean guy has chimed in a few times. I now moderate my comments due to that. However, I have no problem posting a comment if you disagree with me. I do not post comments that are just a personal attack with no merit.
Mean guy calls me out on some stuff. And sometimes I need calling out. I don't mind if he complains about my whining and would have no problem posting it if there is no swearing.
Here is an example of a attack with no merit. This came this morning on yesterdays post. From some guy with the name Anonymous: "The only thing I hate more then carbon wheels is hearing a roadie with no skills cry about screwing them up on some great trail!! .

This could coming from a guy (or gal) who is just out for some fun but I bet its from someone who does not have a clue as to who I am. If you are going to blast me for something do it for real stuff. Like mean guy. So let me break this down.
  • Nobody "hates" carbon wheels. Hate is a strong word. Unless you immediate family perished in a carbon wheel factory explosion I bet you actually like carbon wheels. If you hate plastic wheels, why would you care if I screwed them up?
  • Me a roadie? Dude, I have way more time on a MTB that a road bike. I am currently the president of our local MTB club and have directed many a MTB race. I do 5 or 6 MTB races myself. I have not done a road race since 2007. Your way off.
  • No skills? See next bullet.
  • I screwed up my carbon wheels? Nope. They are as true as an arrow and going strong. In fact I have been blasting those rocks for years on carbon and have never had to put a spoke wrench to any of them. Not once. And being a 250 pound rider. That's not by accident. Im picking the best lines and ride my bike like a rider 100 pounds lighter.(just not on the climbs). Im not the best rider my any means. Im just sayin' I have a lot of time in the woods.
And I'll stand by my comment that there are way too many rocks out in Greenbush. That's my opinion. Feel free to disagree. Just dont call me a roadie when doing it. You lose all cred.

Feel free to dis me, but if you do please put some thought into it and make it valid.
I usually don't make a big deal of stuff like this but I need something different to write about now and then. Plus its kinda fun.

Im taking mean guys advise and getting out for 2 hours around noon. 



jesus said...

I may have to start posting comments with a profile. I am the original mean guy and do not in any way want to be associated with "retarded", i'm sorry, i mean mentally challenged mean guy who does not like carbon wheels. I'm trying to help Dano, not rip his equipment. Again, eat less and go for a ride.

Dan Dittrich said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry your right hate is a strong word, but I do dis-like carbon wheels. Your reviews on bike products are good, but I don't care if you have been blasting those rocks for years, your on a new set of wheels every season. I need reviews that tell me they have been riding the same wheelset for 5 years and they haven't put a spoke wrench to them. (maybe they can i don't know never researched them). I don't really care if you screw them up, I just laugh when you whine about it.
Yes you are roadie I quote "What a difference in riding between getting pummeled by rocks on Sunday to smooth road riding on the Domane." Have you ever logged over 300 miles of single track in a year? I have to disagree about the rocks at Greenbush, I think only a roadie would complain.

Dan Dittrich said...

True, Im on a new set of wheel quite often but dont confuse light with weak. Those things are strong if they can put up with my fat ass.
I didnt whine about them. Just said I cant believe they take what I do to them.
Not a roadie. I just made a reference to what a difference in ride between the two bike rides and the places I rode them. Thats all.
300 miles? Yes. Every year for the last ten years.
Ever ride the trails at New Fane? Built by the same IMBA crew the same time as Greenbush. Way less rocks. I like those better. More flow. However I will still ride Greenbush. Just will complain about the rocks. Others do too. Its just a personal opinion. And thanks for sharing yours... its all good.