Thursday, May 10, 2012

Again another day with high potential for riding and Im still down for the count. Sun and warm temps already at 8am. I have not been on a bike since Saturday, and only twice in the last 14 days.

All momentum is lost.

One month ago I was up to 14 hours per week and two rides over 3 hours per week. You just feel better on the bike with each ride.

Throw in a busy work week, along with a washed out weekend backed up with getting sick and you lose all momentum pretty quickly. At least I do. Today as I sit here, Im still running a small fever and feel like my head weighs 50 pounds. Im going to try a small ride this aft. But really all I can hope for is to ride by the weekend. And hope to be able to ride well enough to start the process over again.
I may complain about it now but I might be pleasantly surprised to see how fast I regain where I left off.
At least its nice to think so....

One would think by the way I talk I ride for a living. I kinda do. But I don't need to ride fast for a living. Well, kinda fast if I want to keep up with the group.
A week from this Saturday there is a special longer Saturday group ride that they do a few times a year. Its close to 90 miles. And I have never attended. The most I have done this spring is 60 something twice and I was pretty sure I was on par to tackle 90. Now Im not so sure. I guess I'll make another last minute call based on what happens between now and May26th.

As far as store stuff go's, I used this time off the bike to do an office makeover. Just kinda rearranged the furniture so to speak. I now have both computers on one desk so I can multi task better. So now thats done I was considering cutting my grass at home.
I'll think about it.... at least I will be out in the fresh air.


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