Tuesday, May 15, 2012

945am Checking weight limits.
Another warm and sunny morn. Today was one of many upcoming morning trips to the HP via bike. Tunes rockin' in my ears. Only thing missing was my morning coffee and thats waiting for me at the store when I get back. ride time over two hours, gone almost three. Great way to start the day.

When summertime hits this part of Wisco it is awesome. I would not want to be anywhere else. The country roads here are great and I can get to them in 20 minutes. Or less depending on how I feel. Today I was still not 100% but sure as hell good enuf to get out on the sun. What a difference in riding  between getting pummeled by rocks on Sunday to smooth road riding on the Domane. Love that bike. Its kinda funny how I used to be 70/30 on the MTB side and now Im the same split but on the road side. I say that now. After a couple MTB races I might just flip that scenario. Maybe I could just call it 50/50 and be done.
But really, my favorite bike(s) is the one(s) Im riding that day.

Had another smart ass comment from mean guy yesterday. Had a few of late but they have been pretty weak. Too weak to publish. He needs to pick his game up if he want this stuff public (and no swearing) for all to see.
For mean guy. Stop in and maybe I will let you touch one of them.
Since he made fun of my plastic wheels this pic is for him. I forgot to include my MTB wheels in this pic. Including those wheels, I have about $13k (retail) in carbon wheels here. But they are not all mine. So calm down. But I am getting another set of Bonty D3's in a few weeks. So dont calm down too much.

So game on in the weather dept. I hope to ride everyday. I hope you do to. I just love the feeling of the beginning of summer. Hopes and dreams are high. So much to do, so little time.
Its go time!
Im already gone.



Anonymous said...

Damn, I thought I was the only "mean guy". I havn't responded to a post in a couple of weeks so there must be two of us out there. For the record, I think carbon wheels are great. Have a couple of pairs myself. It's your lame ass, wussy attitude that sucks.

Dan Dittrich said...

I should have known as your posts had way more thought put in. My bad. Its nuts tho how fast you got this post. Mere minutes.
Weird how all the haters keep reading......
Anyway, not a fan of your attitude either.

Anonymous said...

Not a hater, just enjoy a good laugh in the morning with my coffee. I think you need to be toughed up a bit thats all. Stop whining about your weight and lack of riding time. Eat less and ride more.

Dan Dittrich said...

Damn. I almost hear concern there. There are times I need to get my shit straight. But eat less and ride more is easier said than done. And I will complain about that from time to time. That won't change. Unless I get skinny and fast. Then I wont anymore but would definitely find something to give you some morning entertainment. Thats what i do....

Anonymous said...

The only thing I hate more then carbon wheels is hearing a roadie with no skills cry about screwing them up on some great trail!!