Friday, May 25, 2012


How fast thing turn.
Yesterdays ride did not happen. No real reason, just got busy. So I threw the Superfly on the roof of the car and planned on a quick ride in the woods this morn. Last nites rain made me cancel that. Today Im the store alone most of the day so no ride today either. So as fast as I get in some great rides a gap shows its ugly head. No biggie
 I will get in a ride tomorrow morn but I have to work all day so its going to be a shorter one. But as far as ride time go's I think Im in good shape this weekend. Bring it.

Another blow was finding out that my daughters high school grad ceremony is a week from Sunday, the day I planed to hit up my first race this summer. So that's out. In fact, looking at my schedule, seems I have a few weddings and such to go to and they all fall on MTB race weekends. My first race then, if I choose to do it, will be late July. Thats nuts.

So Im kinda screwed for bike racing for a while. 
I pull out the track bike. Its been two years since I did so. I have kinda another new one that I have yet to even ride. But will consider it after some practice of course.

Track racing isn't something you just show up and do. You really need to know whats going on or you could hurt somebody. This might be my only option until August. Need to lose a few more pounds tho, unlike MTB racing, then you getting your ass kicked on a velodrome there's no where to hide. But its a option as its Tuesday nites and not on the weekend.

Another Friday tidbit is the arrival of my Moonlander. My second fat tire bike. Now I have fat and fatter.
Im considering putting the Pugsly in the rental fleet. Soon I will be attaching all kinds of carbon stuff on the ML.

Among all my rides this holiday weekend I hope to put in a pretty good MTB ride. At some far away exotic land.
Would like that.

Have a great weekend.


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Sometimes life gets in the way of good biking intentions. But if you have to miss, what better than a graduation?