Thursday, May 31, 2012


Another cold morning. Another cold HP visit. One of the issues with living next to the lake is the lack of temp. The cool body of water keep us in a fridge for well into June. At some point in the day the wind shifts to the west, off the lake and the temps plummet over 10 degrees. The wind usually shifts when the sun is at the highest around noon. It could be 60 here at noon, and I'll take my nooner ride only to return with temps in the high 40's. Happens everyday here and I'll never get used to it. You either dress in layers that you will need to take off in 30 minutes or just freeze for the first and last 30 minutes of a ride. I usually take the later.

I got the Accent lettered up yesterday. Im really happy with the car.  The loss of size just makes me pack stuff better and the stores checkbook is loving the fuel mileage. I get almost 40 on the hiway, 35 in the city. I'll get in the high 30's with two bikes on the roof. Nice for travelling to the races.

I never got out yesterday, the blast of cold air just turned me off and I stayed and got some work done. Today I plan on the first ride on the Surly Moonlander. I rode it around the block last nite and it sure is different than the Pug. Tires and wheels make the Pug now look small. Its going to be a long 6 mile road ride to the beach with this one. I could hold 15mph on the road with the Pug. No way on this beast.
Looking forward to a little beach time.
I know I said that yesterday but today Im doing it for real.


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