Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coffee and a strawberry muffin.

While I will always defend my HP visits everyday, I would have to admit that some days I get kinda bored of the same routine. But only on colder, cloudier mornings like today. 
When I talk to some about losing weight, its been brought up that I should start a food log. Just write down all my intake. Thats a good idea for sure cuz if you dont pay attention you eat way more than you think.
I do that.
My blog here is kinda the equivalent of that. I never realize how so very routine my life is until I read my one blog and it seems to read the same everyday. First HP, the store, then bike ride or complain about lack of, then maybe some other crap.

I almost never read my blog. And really, dont read a lot of others. Some, maybe if Im bored at the store at the time. I really dont write this for others but more for me. Its more like a diary that I cant say too much in. I learned early on that their are many thoughts you just dont publicly post. Of course.

So just this morn I was scrolling back on my blog and realized that I need to add something. Change something up. Ive been working too much. I need to throw a curve ball now and then. While I do consider myself lucky to be able to do what I do, I wish that I could sometimes do it differently.
Do the same things but do them another way.
Im kinda bummed that Im not racing MTB yet but the reasons for not being able to are valid. And there's plenty of summer left. And it seems most of my racing might happen in the fall anyway with this and this.
So by no means am I panicking or complaining. Its more like biding my time. Lose a few more pounds, get some more rides in. Then, later, its game on.
As far as mixing it up.... Im ditching the Domane for the Pug today and will throw down a nooner beach ride. I'll throw a pic on Facebook when I get there.  Hows that for different.
Thats what Im talking about.



Anonymous said...

Don't get a probally shouldn't post this comment or blog about beach rides...out of sight out of mind!!

Dan Dittrich said...

Actually, I ride on private land. Not State land. Perfectly legal.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you do sound the same sometimes, I like your pictures! The Lake Mich landscapes are beautiful.

Dan Dittrich said...