Friday, April 13, 2012


Im a self proclaimed wheel freak. I pretty much could care less about the rest of the bike. With the exception of Di2. And over the years I have collected a plethora of fast wheels.

Mostly Eastons but I have had my share of Bontys Aeolus on my demo bikes. I was never a fan of them. In the past they were pretty much a carbon rim with a fairing attached. I thought that was just wrong.
Eastons were then and are still a one piece full carbon wheel. And its not just the road. I have a set of kick ass Eastons on my Superfy too.

My two year old EC90 tubbies are still about the fastest wheel I have ever spun. And the lightest. I also have a set of those on my track bike which has been dormant for over two years now. Shame.
I now have a set of new EC90 clinchers on the Madone and I love them. And they look cool too. But hold on....

Here are the new Bonty Aeolus 5's. Just got them. This changes everything.
I have not spun these wheels yet and they are here waiting for my Domane but in the meantime I put them on my wife's 7.5FX for fun.
They look good on the bike.
My Domane is due the first week of May. I know a ton of dealers have them already but mine is a Project One so it a few more weeks yet.

Bontys new wheel could very well be the fastest clincher yet. Wind tunnel tech has the rim as wide as the tire and it holds that with for the entire 50mm. That fatter rim takes more air out thru the spokes and is not any slower for it cuz your tire has already taken that wind away anyway. Its a 50mm dish that act like a 65mm in that respect. But still acts as only a 50mm when your in a crappy cross wind.
So I cant wait to give these wheels their turn on my bike. Soon.
Just looking around the store, in retail numbers, I have over 11 thousand dollars in wheel sets. My wheels sets, not for sale. All mine.

So yeah, I do like a good set of wheels.
Have a good weekend.


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