Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Its been awhile since I could spend some quality time in the HP. Rain came thru a few hours ago but its sunny now. Had my morning coffee with a warm(ish) breeze and some sun on my face. I take the time to appreciate this more when its been a spell since the last time.  As work increases it get harder to get away from the store. Sometimes. It can get easier too. Calling for backup in the store can give me some time away. And if I'm serious about my riding I need to take that time to ride.
So I'm either sleeping, working or riding. That's a tough schedule to keep.

Technically, when the store is too busy for me to handle alone I call for backup. Then, when its slow I hang onto the backup for a bit longer and that's when I get my riding in. But so much of this depends on predicting the weather and the amount of biz the store will do at any given day. I constantly study the weather forecasts to determine when to have someone in to help. I look ahead at the forecasts of three separate services and have them all streaming on my desktop constantly. I pick the best days to bring in help and use that help to allow me to leave for a couple hours for a ride.

I get this scheduling down only about 50% of the time. I was alone in the store yesterday and that was a good call. Today I have help coming in at 3 and I think that was a good call too. I will try to get out on the bike then. But sometimes it does not always work out. I plan this stuff and if its raining at 3, or the store gets crazy busy and have to ditch the bike ( I don't mind that as much as the rain scenario).

So I set up these little windows of ride time well in advance. And hope for the best.
Soon, when the mornings are not so cold and damp I will get in about two hours before the store opens and that I can plan on.
Until then its a shot in the dark when planning my ride time.


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