Friday, April 20, 2012

Not About the Bike.

yesterday around noon
While at the HP today I was thinking about my ride yesterday. Being a store owner I get to ride some pretty expensive bikes. The best ones money can buy. But yesterday I ditched both the Madone (10k) and the Superfly (9k) to ride my 9 year old cross bike ($500.00). 
And loved it.

Boasting a 45 dollar crank, 1X10, miss matched wheels I dug out of the basement. The entire driveline is miss matched. The only carbon is the seatpost and I took that directly off the Pug. This bike has been taken apart, assembled, taken apart only to be assembled and taken apart and assembled again. I love this bike.

You see, Im still a bike rider first and a store owner second (or third). While the store owner in me may brag a little about all the fancy bikes Im riding, the bike rider in me has just as much fun on a old bike such as Pinky.
And when your a bike rider its not about the bike, its about the ride.

I'll take a good ride over a expensive bike any day.

If I'm solo, I'll take a ride on Pinky over any Madone, Superfly or whatever because its not about the money, it about the memories. I have had Pinky for many years. Its the bike I started touring on back in 2008. Having spent 18 days riding it around the State then. Its the first bike I raced cross on in 2007. Having a blast doing that. Its been my winter\comuter bike since when not doing brief stints as a single speed and a road bike.

In continuing the conversation on store owner perks, Im like a alcoholic who owns a bar and gets just as drunk on Milwaukee's Best than some expensive import. That may seem like a strange comparison but this is Wisconsin after all.
Im not here to get rich. Im not here to ride the most expensive bike in the world. Im here just to ride and if I can ride a nice bike now and then so be it. But if I didn't have my Madone or my Domane coming, I would still ride. Just another bike like Pinky.
Memories trump money every time in my book.

Some people ask my why I like riding so much. Is it the social aspect? The racing and going fast? The way you can cover ground so fast either in the woods, road or beach? Its it the fitness aspect? Doing it to stay in shape? Is it the feeling of accomplishment when you had a good race? Or the inner peace of taking a slow spin thru the countryside? I say yes to every one of those. And a few more.

Is it because I own a bike store?
Absolutely not.

I don't care how much you bike costs or where you bought it. Just get out and ride it this weekend.
Do it for real.



Mtbnathan said...

I hear ya, Dan. Go out and ride.

vidguy2 said...

As a store owner you do care a little where I bought/buy my bike(s).

Dan Dittrich said...

Maybe a little. The group I ride with is about 20 strong and only 2 or so have bought their bikes from me. When Im in the group, where or what kind of bike is the farthest thing from my mind. Maybe its cuz Im in zone 5 and hanging on for dear life... :)

Anonymous said...

When 'ya going to start selling Cervelo's? :)

Have a good weekend Dano!


Dan Dittrich said...

Consider Trek or Blue.

Holepuncher said...

Dan to you I say Ride on! I love it and I think riding my bike saved my life! :-) To me it's about being a lone wolf. Introverted time baby, clear your head of your day and leave your stress on the road.