Monday, April 23, 2012

Mini Vacation

Peninsula State Park. Sunday.

As mentioned I took a needed weekend off. I had planned on leaving Friday but my wife had some stuff going on and we did not get to leave until Sat morn. So I ditched the idea of heading farther north and went to Door County instead. Peninsula State Park to be exact.
P-park is really my second HP. And would be my first if it was not a two hour drive away.

I love being there. It was a little chilly in the morn but tons of sunlite was in our favor.
Bike riding was great.  Hiking was cool. Did both this weekend. Im up here about 5 times in a 12 month span. And could do 5 more.

There are a ton of Pileated Woodpeckers in this park. We came upon this tree that they had been working on. They do quite a job. We did not see any but I have in the past.

It was nice to actually not be in the store when it was open and it seemed that I was gone a month when I walked in this morn. Even tho it was only two days.

I have started to take a fancy to hiking and plan on doing more of that this summer. Several hours walking quietly in the woods is very soothing. And its an exorcise that I sure could use more of.

Another gold star on the weekend is the Accent. I could have put the 2 bikes on the hitch rack but wanted to see what kind of mileage I got with two bikes on the roof. I was a little concerned with the engine in these high mileage cars about the size of my lawn mower. But I gatta say it was fine. I held 70mph on the hiway into the wind. It downshifted a bit but handled the extra wind resistance just fine. When all was said and done I got home with about 280 miles on the car and ran 38mpg.
I will still use the hitch rack with anything over a hour away, but I now know the car can handle a few bikes on the roof without imploding.

So I got a later start on this weekend but all in all had a great time.
The downside to this kind of weekend is that I ate a bit too much.
But thats what mini vacations are for.


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