Thursday, April 5, 2012

Going Up?

Easy come, easy go.
My rides have been a bit strange this spring. Those who know me understand my strong dislike for any road that go's up. Being a bigger guy it very painful for me. And its where I get dropped on the group rides. Not the short steep kind cuz I can put in a monster effort for a short time. Its the longer, less steep ones that kill me. One can only hold zone 5 for so long.

Anyway, I put in another 4 hour ride yesterday much like last Wednesday. I rode straight west and within an hour and a half was in western Sheboygan County and climbing the hills of the Kettle Moraine. In the past, I would plan my route around such things but for some reason I feel compelled to head straight to them. Kinda like the lemmings that jump off the cliff.
And climb I do. Hill after hill. HR in hovering in the 170's as I do so. Base miles? My weight does not let me ride base miles.

What a difference in overall ride effort. Ive done a million 4 hour rides but stayed mostly south on flatter roads and felt fine. When I roll in from one of these hill rides I am utterly demolished. Barely making it back to the store. Legs are cooked.
Struggling to get off the bike and walk kind of demolished.
And that's got to good for me. I realize with my weight I will never be good on any hill but maybe just a little bit better based on technique. Will see how long this fascination with hills will last.

And I have to say goodbye to a bike I just got to know. It was only a month ago I pulled my new Madone out of the window and was amazed with the Di2. As always, I got this bike thru Treks awesome demo program. I ride it and sell it at a huge value to some lucky rider. This bike was pre sold almost before I starting riding it. And had planned on a summer of good riding with it but Trek ended it with the new Domane. In less than a month I will receive my demo version of that bike, Di2 of course, and will let the Madone go way sooner that planned. The new owner was pretty pumped to get that phone call to say the least.

So its easy come, easy go for me. Its tough to get acquainted to any one bike in this business. I never have the feeling of ownership.  Its like riding borrowed bikes all the time. I miss the feeling of ownership. To put some small personal trinkets on the the bike. Something that makes others know that its your bike. I cant do much of that anymore.

Its very cool to ride all these high end bikes. I do have fun with that. But its just not the same when they are not yours. But wont complain too much. Somehow I don't think I will get much sympathy from you guys.

And thats fine.


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