Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello Domane
Goodbye Madone
Another huge gap in posts. But really just one day. I skip a day and it feels like forever. Lot going on in my world the last few days. First off, Trek's Domane showed up at the store so it was a race to build and ride. Just like a teenage schoolgirl trying to choose what top to wear ( stole that one from mean guy) I now have a plethora of bikes to ride.
Not really cuz the Madone was presold and is leaving today. Happy owner is pumped. I have no more than 10 rides on that bike.

I decided to go with less green on the Domane and I think I made the right decision. While, to me, green is still the new pink I kinda went overboard on it. I also went with a normal road crank instead of compact. This is the first non compact bike I have since about 2008. It seems fine to me. I have the power.

So whats up with the Domane. First off, its pronounced " Doh Mah Nee". Thats just weird. Im calling it " Doe Mane". That sounds better to me. Easier to say.
I have three rides on the bike and about 100 miles and I like it. If I were crit racing I would stay with the Madone but since I don't, and just group ride and stuff, will prefer the Domane on the long rides.
Not saying its slow. It is not. Same fast responce as a Madone. Close to same weight also. I have not weighed it yet but its very close. Does that iso-thingie work. Yes. Yes it does. As some thought, you can not see it move. Its not a suspension.
 You do not even know its there. What 
I can feel is the edge off all the cracks and potholes. Its noticeable. Its works. For real. You really do get a better ride with no sacrifice in performance. Head tube size is right between H2 and H3 so its perfect for me. Wheel base is just a bit longer than the Madone and I did not notice.

So as Fabian says, it keeps you fresher on the longer rides. So for the way I ride, its a Domane from now on. And yes, its Ultegra Di as the Madone was.
So out go's the Madone and in with the Domane.
Its a 56cm frame. And is available for pre sale. You can have it Oct 1st.

Ride on.


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