Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sometimes its hard to decide what bike to ride. 
Considerations are : 
Am I riding alone? How long can I ride? How am I feeling? Whats the temp going to be at the start? Finish?
When's the last time it rained?
Wind direction and speed?
Any special race or event coming up soon?

I take all into consideration and sometimes I can deliberate over an hour to decide what bike I want to ride.
Its sounds like a good problem to have but its kinda tough sometimes when the stable is so big. Its stressful.

Then sometimes, like yesterday, I look around and I take the closest bike to me and that was the Pug.



holepuncher1 said...

I think it was a good day for a walk..... I only ride road sooooooooo I opted for the walk with my wife. Half way through I thought it was mid Jan. :-( Not biking weather for this guy yet! ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Dan Dittrich said...

So much hate. You must listen to rap music.