Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Nice HP visit this morn. I didn't leave until my coffee was completely gone.  I was also contemplating my weekend as its come to pass that Im getting just a slight case of burn out. I believe I have been at the store pretty much every day since the first week of January. Many days over 10 hours. Dont get me wrong, its all good but I just need a break and this weekend a break I will take. This Friday I will jump in my car and drive north. No agenda. No bikes.Just gonna bum around the northern part of the state. Maybe hit every coffee shop I find. Do a little sight seeing. Hit the pool and good restaurants at nite. I cant wait.....

 Yesterday we had the return of the mean guy. If you look at yesterdays post I had to delete his comment. So now my comments are now moderated cuz of this guy. I let it go the first time. Not anymore. There just is no room here for haters.
Secondly, he needs a reality check. I know this may come at a surprise to some, but sometimes I exaggerate a little with this blog.
He mentioned (among other things) that "just sometimes people need to be reminded when they sound like a spoiled teenage girl trying to figure out what top to wear".

 He also went on calling me names such as "douchbag" and others. How rude.
First off Mr Hater, I really dont spend an hour deciding what bike to ride. In fact, right now, there are only three. Madone, Superfly and the Pug. Im pretty sure most of the readers here have more. So as far as "teenage girl tops" I do not have a lot to choose from. And pretty much stick to the pretty green one (Madone) right now.

In the past I would be bothered by this guy but really its no big deal. Its a public blog and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I dont give haters the time of day. Life is too short for that. Not even sure why he reads this. But the fact that he still does I will take as a compliment.
My long ride day has been changed from Wednesday to Thursdays due to changing employee schedules and I really want to get in at least 4 hours tomorrow. Maybe a combo of road and woods.
That would be nice.


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