Thursday, April 26, 2012


Thursdays is my ride day. Its a bit cool out. And windy and that means MTB.  And thats not a bad thing as the first race is just over a week away and I might still do it.
I have a few hours of MTBing under my belt this spring but not as much as I thought I would have had before the first race. Last year just before the first race I grabbed the Superfly and rode around the block a few times just to peddle it as the trails were in such poor shape due to the crappy spring.

This year the trails have been game on since early March so one would think I would have been on that bike a bit more. No worries. It all comes back to fitness and weight(for me) and the technical stuff comes back pretty quick. And Im feeling OK on the bike. At least good enough to finish the damn thing. And have fun doing it.

Should be in the woods by 1pm today.

And as I type my Domane came in today. So there's a lot going on here today. So I better get to it if Im going to hit the woods....

More on the Domane tomorrow.


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