Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Another quality visit to the HP this morn. Sun. Eagles. Cranes.
Soon this place will be bustling with people. And I will lose it for awhile. When the kids get out of school it will be hard pressed to find a place to quietly hang.
I do have new spot picked out tho. Nice view of the lake and the dunes. And only about a 30 yard walk from the car. I tested it out today. It fits fine.

Today I have help coming in the store so Im planning a ride. I really need to ride the Madone as I have not thrown a leg over it for almost 10 days now. And its going to be gone in a few weeks. Along with the new D3 wheels. Need to put some more time on those before they go. That, and its going to be warmer today so thats just a pleasant road ride. Cooler temps later this week will put me in the woods. And thats not a bad thing with the first WORS race coming up an two weeks.
No way will I be ready for that.
Two weeks ago I was on track to be but that fell by the wayside for some reason. Which is par for me. I get in two great weeks of riding, start to feel results and then spend the next two weeks sitting at home and wasting those efforts. I really need to stop that.

Most of the time I need a push. I need to get in the group rides. I cant blow those rides off thinking I'll ride alone the next day. That ride never comes. And I need to plan these rides early cuz I'll get to the store and get involved in some project and neglect the bike. I do that way too much. Soon it will be warmer in the morn and it will be easier to get in a couple hours before the store opens. Since Im old Im up early anyway.

So I'll prep the Madone soon and go.
Me, myself and iPod.


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