Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another wonderful morning. Kinda cold but sun negates that. Mornings are most favorite time of the day. Since Im old I go to bed early and wake early. As soon as Im awake I want to get out of the house. Usually within 30 minutes of crawling out of bed.
The morning is my time.
I'll ride or walk on the beach. Getting to the HP at some point obviously. Since the store is open till 7 I lose my nites. Most of them anyway. So all the stuff most people plan on doing after work I need to do in the morning. Kinda like a second shifter.
Soon it will get just a bit warmer and I'll ride early morn. I will love my mornings even more.

Today being Wednesday means its ride day for me. The last 2 Wednesdays have had me on the bike for 4 plus hours and today that might happen again. But today will be kinda cool cuz its going to be 2 hours on the MTB and 2 on the Madone.
Thats a good day.
Do it for real.


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