Friday, March 23, 2012

Update From Yesterday

2 coffee day.
So last nite I thru down a quick post knowing that it was two day since I posted and that's just not me. And I had plans for a good 2 hours on the Madone this morn that has been washed away. Fogged away too. So I have two hours of unplanned time. So a post I will do.
Check last nites prior post tho. Cool shoes.

Today is rainy, foggy, crappy out. And that's OK by me really. I need to catch up. The last 10 days have been the best 10 days the store has ever seen and I need to catch up on bill paying, house cleaning, bike building and receiving. I have a boat load of Bell\Giro helmets that have sitting in the back hall for a week waiting to be checked in. Today is the day.

Again, its a good problem to have.
So as I sit in the dark store right now, waiting to open Im thinking only of catch up (ketchup?).
Sure, Im kinda bummed on being denied my bike ride, but its been a good last couple of weeks for that. Tomorrow is another day, another group ride. Hope its dry.

Having ditching my ride, and then to the store early had me grabbing an extra coffee for later. Its going to be a long day, almost 12 hours here. For real.
You know you have hit the big time as far as bike store owner when you get to the store 4 hours before it opens to scrub the toilet and clean the bathroom. I can tell you, its not all Madones and Superflys all the time.
Looking at the sales floor, its almost empty. Need to place some huge orders today. May be the biggest bike order the store has ever done. All I can say is Im like a kid in a candy store when Im doing that.
So I better get to work. The bathroom will not clean itself. Even tho every other employee here thinks some bathroom fairy comes in during the nite to do so. And in a way they are right. Where did I put my coffee.....

Again, like I said yesterday, have a great weekend !



Anonymous said...

Please send the bathroom fairy over to my place when finished at your shop...3 little boys = a mess!


Dan Dittrich said...

You could not afford my bathroon fairy.