Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two perks.
I never made it to the HP today. And for a good reason. The store is rockin' right now. I believe the last week has been the best week the store has seen to date. And Im still here alone, not having called back the summer help yet. Still catching up from the crappy winter.
That leads to a very busy day. 10 hours everyday. Last nite I did not get home till 8pm and went straight to bed, then up and here again by 8am. Till 7 pm tonite.
I don't mind. Its a good problem if really a problem at all.
Owning a bike store is really the epitome of feast or famine.
And you cant plan. Its all weather related.
Usually at this time we are just ending the skiing and Im thinking of starting to take the store from winter inventory to summer inventory. Now, I cant get the stuff here fast enough. Even the distributors are scrambling because stuff I didn't want here for another month I need here yesterday. Again, a good problem.
Lets talk a bit on what I get out of this deal. 
Owning and running a store is two different things. If your paid to run a store, you need a wage. If you own a store, you don't so much. Sure, I take home some sort of paycheck. But Im not getting rich. At least by today's standards. But money is not everything. In order to consider a successful store ownership you must look past the salary and take advantage of all the perks ownership offers. And I do.
I take advantage in every demo offer I can get my hands on. Bikes, wheels and shoes. A demo deal is like an employee purchase for owners. We don't get it a whole lot cheaper than normal, but don't have to pay for it for a long time. So we get to use the stuff for awhile and then sell it later. Thats good for me. And good for someone else too.
Someone who could never afford such high end stuff.
Its a win\win.
So I look at my two main rides this summer. Both pretty much awesome bikes. Both, when considering the Easton wheels, close to 10k a piece. Thats nuts!
The only bike that is missing is the cross bike. Im kinda waiting to see what comes out with disc brakes. But I wont wait forever. Maybe June.....
So like a alcoholic that runs a bar and drinks for free, I take full advantage of all the bike store owning can offer me. Cuz if you don't its kinda not worth it. At least not to me.

Lets ride.



rlove2bike said...

I am glad to hear you're busy. That's great!

Money...I gave that up when I retired early. It is a fact that I will never be rich monetarily, and we are OK with that. Like you stated "money is not everything." It's good you get to ride high end stuff though.

Thanks for nice post!

Holepuncher said...

I like your take on the business! I too own a store a bakery however. The upside of owning a bakery and a bike DONUT POWER!!! :-)