Friday, March 30, 2012

Its a cold dreary day. HP visit was a drive thru only. I'm expecting a slow day at the store. Telling everyone else to stay home. I'll handle it alone today.
I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on due to the last two days of riding I partook in. (did I use that word correctly?)

Yesterday was an hour and a half on the local MTB trails with the Superfly. Trails in remarkable shape for March. However, that changes with the 3\4th inch of rain that's continuing to fall. But I was pretty happy with the ride. I was expecting worse having been off that bike since November. The Easton wheels performed perfectly and the bike worked great even tho I never touched it since last year.

Today's big news is Treks release of the Domane.

Yeah, I have one already on order.

So today will be a rest day weather I want to or not. But almost 6 hours in the saddle in the last two days is pretty good for me. I really do feel better on the bike. And I feel like I'm now losing weight. Hope to keep that rolling. Saturday will be a short ride for me as I have to work, but Sunday is looking good so far.
I will concentrate on Sunday as the big ride day.
Have a good weekend.
Stay dry.


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