Thursday, March 22, 2012

Game On.

Another strange huge gap in posts. All I can say is that Im either out riding bikes, selling bikes or sleeping. For real.
All the State MTB trails in the area have opened up and than means my first ride on the Superfly in 2012 and the first ever on the featherweight Easton wheels. I cant wait. Most likely on Sunday.
Saturday will have me on the electric Madone in the group ride. Hanging on for dear life.
I will have one new weapon to lay on the guys (and gals).
My new pair of Speedplay specific Sidi shoes.

Its pretty sweet just to bolt on the Speedplays without the adapter with the shoes having the 4 bolt patter on them.
The stack height is so much smaller. And lighter.
And cool looking.
Sure, I could have a Bonty shoe much cheaper. And Bonty's pretty good too. But I have a theory about stuff like this.
Buy a bike from a bike company.
Buy a shoe from a shoe company.
People gasp at the cost of a Sidi. You should not. Your foot and how its held above the pedal is very important. And its not the same for everybody. Spending 450 bucks on these shoes is a long term investment. They last a long time.
So I hope to hit the road on Saturday and the woods on Sunday. That is the recipe for a good weekend. Bring it on.
And you have a good one also.
Talk Monday.


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