Friday, March 30, 2012

Its a cold dreary day. HP visit was a drive thru only. I'm expecting a slow day at the store. Telling everyone else to stay home. I'll handle it alone today.
I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on due to the last two days of riding I partook in. (did I use that word correctly?)

Yesterday was an hour and a half on the local MTB trails with the Superfly. Trails in remarkable shape for March. However, that changes with the 3\4th inch of rain that's continuing to fall. But I was pretty happy with the ride. I was expecting worse having been off that bike since November. The Easton wheels performed perfectly and the bike worked great even tho I never touched it since last year.

Today's big news is Treks release of the Domane.

Yeah, I have one already on order.

So today will be a rest day weather I want to or not. But almost 6 hours in the saddle in the last two days is pretty good for me. I really do feel better on the bike. And I feel like I'm now losing weight. Hope to keep that rolling. Saturday will be a short ride for me as I have to work, but Sunday is looking good so far.
I will concentrate on Sunday as the big ride day.
Have a good weekend.
Stay dry.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

I guess you can say things are starting to get serious. Yesterday I grabbed the Madone as promised and proceeded to lay down a 4 plus hour ride. Over 2 and a half hours into the wind and about an hour and a half back. It was windy.

So windy the iPod was useless. Except on the way back. fact... I headed west to hit a few hills and that is so unlike me. 
So add up the longest ride to date in 2012 and sprinkle in the most climbing in a long time and that adds up to one destroyed rider.
By all rights I should have been reaching for the ibuprofen but for some reason I didn't.
I still feel it this morn but not as bad as I thought.

At least not bad enuf to keep me off the Superfly.

I'm going to grab the Fly today and head into the woods for its  first ride of the year. I did ride this bike a couple times last fall. But this will be the first on the carbon Easton wheels. Its going to be a recovery ride situation for sure. No big efforts but just a lovely hour spin in the woods to get reacquainted to my MTB.
I remember last spring and how terrible it was. I remember not being able to hit the woods and having to ride my MTB around the block a few times just to get some time on it on the Saturday before the first WORS race in early May. 
I still cant believe its only March.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hell Froze Over.

I am not very good or lucky at gambling. A month ago I posted on how I sent my first entry into the Fat Tire 40 in many years. Yesterday I found that my check was cashed and Im in. First time back to that race since 2002.
1423   5:16:51.27   523   DITTRICH, DAN L    7.802 MPH 258   1587

1394   4:22:23.62   543   DITTRICH, DAN L    9.421 MPH 263 1542

Those results being my only two attempts at this race. As you can see, a personal best should not be hard to do. I remember the first year. Over 5 hours in the saddle. I was completely destroyed and swore I would never do it again. Until the next year anyway. I remember limping for a week after. I did send in my entry in 2003, 2004 and 2005. All denied.
So I stopped sending in. The race just so happens to fall on a weekend that there's a popular century ride here in town so I always had something to do bike riding wise.
But this year I will be in Hayward, WI. Trying to complete the race in less than 4 hours 22 min. So there. I have a goal. A reason to try and get faster on the bike. Lose some weight.
The first year I did the race I had just started riding. I was not in any shape (obviously). I was (only) 41 years old then. I do think it would be kinda cool to come back at 52 years old and beat that time from 11 years ago.

So today hell froze over as the Fat Tire Gods voted to accept me. I ran out to buy a lottery ticket just in case things keep rolling in the respect. I'll need the money so I can stop working and start training full time with this and the Iceman in my future.
Today is going to be a windy 3 plus hours on the Madone to start things off.

Bring it on.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

814am. windy. loud.

Today's HP visit was a loud one. Huge east wind had big waves. Its would have been hard to hold a conversation on the beach today.
Today I did some investigation.
In the last few weeks I have been noticing fox holes everywhere. New ones. Lots of them. In the past you would see one now and then but today I counted 15 new ones. And that's just the ones I could see from the road. You would think it would be at least twice that then.

newer one

older one

Its not hard to imagine a fox or two out here, but these things are now to the point that you cant not notice. Maybe another animal doing this? The one on the right could have been done last nite. The sand is fresh. And its about 5 feet from the road.
I guess I'll have to believe that 50 fox's have stopped to hang out in my HP. I would not blame them. I would do the same.
With the windy\blustery day I will skip a ride and try to work ahead in the store to promote future rides. Maybe tomorrow. Its Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Ride nite.
We'll see about that.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Week End

Saturday Aft. Tree down.
The weekend started out a bit slow as wet, foggy weather had me ditching the group ride and waiting till closer to noon to ride on dry roads. After hanging out in the store for awhile I grabbed Pinky and headed for the woods. 

It was a bit wet but not too bad. Its been a while since I have been in the woods near my HP and found that there are a lot of trees down over the trail and elsewhere. The sandy soil there makes it hard for trees to stay put once the get kinda big. Lots of trees like the one above all over making it a pain to ride as you are constantly getting off the bike. I still use the trails there but just to head over to the HP. I used to spend hours doing laps here, now just minutes passing thru. But still, was my first spring ride in the woods. Liked it.

Knowing that the hour and a half I got in Saturday was not going to cut it I watched the weather and heard that Sunday was going to be the day to ride early. So I grabbed the Madone and headed out to get more saddle time. Temp showing around 55 so I dressed for 60+ as I headed west and away from the lake.
Then the sun went away, winds turned from the east(off the lake) and temps dropped15 degrees. And at the time I was at least 20 miles out and needing to push the head wind all the way home. Needless to say I froze.
But it was the longest ride to date and was really needed as I noticed I'm feeling better on the bike at the 3 hour mark. I rode almost 3 and a half with about 50 or so miles in.
Actually, I'm not real sure of those numbers as my Garmin's battery went dead.
I hate when that happens.

I don't need a Garmin to tell me my legs were plenty sore after.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Update From Yesterday

2 coffee day.
So last nite I thru down a quick post knowing that it was two day since I posted and that's just not me. And I had plans for a good 2 hours on the Madone this morn that has been washed away. Fogged away too. So I have two hours of unplanned time. So a post I will do.
Check last nites prior post tho. Cool shoes.

Today is rainy, foggy, crappy out. And that's OK by me really. I need to catch up. The last 10 days have been the best 10 days the store has ever seen and I need to catch up on bill paying, house cleaning, bike building and receiving. I have a boat load of Bell\Giro helmets that have sitting in the back hall for a week waiting to be checked in. Today is the day.

Again, its a good problem to have.
So as I sit in the dark store right now, waiting to open Im thinking only of catch up (ketchup?).
Sure, Im kinda bummed on being denied my bike ride, but its been a good last couple of weeks for that. Tomorrow is another day, another group ride. Hope its dry.

Having ditching my ride, and then to the store early had me grabbing an extra coffee for later. Its going to be a long day, almost 12 hours here. For real.
You know you have hit the big time as far as bike store owner when you get to the store 4 hours before it opens to scrub the toilet and clean the bathroom. I can tell you, its not all Madones and Superflys all the time.
Looking at the sales floor, its almost empty. Need to place some huge orders today. May be the biggest bike order the store has ever done. All I can say is Im like a kid in a candy store when Im doing that.
So I better get to work. The bathroom will not clean itself. Even tho every other employee here thinks some bathroom fairy comes in during the nite to do so. And in a way they are right. Where did I put my coffee.....

Again, like I said yesterday, have a great weekend !


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Game On.

Another strange huge gap in posts. All I can say is that Im either out riding bikes, selling bikes or sleeping. For real.
All the State MTB trails in the area have opened up and than means my first ride on the Superfly in 2012 and the first ever on the featherweight Easton wheels. I cant wait. Most likely on Sunday.
Saturday will have me on the electric Madone in the group ride. Hanging on for dear life.
I will have one new weapon to lay on the guys (and gals).
My new pair of Speedplay specific Sidi shoes.

Its pretty sweet just to bolt on the Speedplays without the adapter with the shoes having the 4 bolt patter on them.
The stack height is so much smaller. And lighter.
And cool looking.
Sure, I could have a Bonty shoe much cheaper. And Bonty's pretty good too. But I have a theory about stuff like this.
Buy a bike from a bike company.
Buy a shoe from a shoe company.
People gasp at the cost of a Sidi. You should not. Your foot and how its held above the pedal is very important. And its not the same for everybody. Spending 450 bucks on these shoes is a long term investment. They last a long time.
So I hope to hit the road on Saturday and the woods on Sunday. That is the recipe for a good weekend. Bring it on.
And you have a good one also.
Talk Monday.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two perks.
I never made it to the HP today. And for a good reason. The store is rockin' right now. I believe the last week has been the best week the store has seen to date. And Im still here alone, not having called back the summer help yet. Still catching up from the crappy winter.
That leads to a very busy day. 10 hours everyday. Last nite I did not get home till 8pm and went straight to bed, then up and here again by 8am. Till 7 pm tonite.
I don't mind. Its a good problem if really a problem at all.
Owning a bike store is really the epitome of feast or famine.
And you cant plan. Its all weather related.
Usually at this time we are just ending the skiing and Im thinking of starting to take the store from winter inventory to summer inventory. Now, I cant get the stuff here fast enough. Even the distributors are scrambling because stuff I didn't want here for another month I need here yesterday. Again, a good problem.
Lets talk a bit on what I get out of this deal. 
Owning and running a store is two different things. If your paid to run a store, you need a wage. If you own a store, you don't so much. Sure, I take home some sort of paycheck. But Im not getting rich. At least by today's standards. But money is not everything. In order to consider a successful store ownership you must look past the salary and take advantage of all the perks ownership offers. And I do.
I take advantage in every demo offer I can get my hands on. Bikes, wheels and shoes. A demo deal is like an employee purchase for owners. We don't get it a whole lot cheaper than normal, but don't have to pay for it for a long time. So we get to use the stuff for awhile and then sell it later. Thats good for me. And good for someone else too.
Someone who could never afford such high end stuff.
Its a win\win.
So I look at my two main rides this summer. Both pretty much awesome bikes. Both, when considering the Easton wheels, close to 10k a piece. Thats nuts!
The only bike that is missing is the cross bike. Im kinda waiting to see what comes out with disc brakes. But I wont wait forever. Maybe June.....
So like a alcoholic that runs a bar and drinks for free, I take full advantage of all the bike store owning can offer me. Cuz if you don't its kinda not worth it. At least not to me.

Lets ride.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Today I woke with sore legs  and sunburn and I could not be happier. The almost 6 hours in the saddle this weekend just reminded me of how far away I am from where I want to be in terms of bike riding. 
Saturday I hit up the breakfast ride as usual. Its morphed to road bikes now. I know going in that I will struggle to keep up on the hills. I set myself up for failure so that I'm not too upset when it happens. But it was a pretty good ride all in all. I rode from the store and that's about 6 miles to the lot where we start. So really, I have a bit of a bonus on the guys driving out to the lot.
And I knew that with the extra 12 miles tacked on to the entire ride that I would be hurting when done and accepted the inevitable. I was prepared to destroy myself.

Things were rolling normal. I would sit in, then get dropped on the climbs, then they would wait up. Repeat several times. And I was not that far back. Maybe 100 yards at most at times. But I was working hard even in the group and knew that if I did the entire ride I would have almost 65 miles in with a HR average of close to 160. I now religiously wear my monitor.
After talking to SteveD a little we both agreed it was best to cut a bit short. I'm pretty sure I could have hung in with the passive group that day but just thought it would be best to keep my ride around 50 miles. I knew I was going to be sore and wanted to ride Sunday too.
It was a good decision. We broke off and still made it back to town with almost 3 hours in the saddle. Nice ride.
Sunday I was going to call out a ride but decided not to. I was just a bit to tired from the prior day and just wanted to two hour "recovery" ride instead of another balls out group ride. And that was the best call as both SteveD and I got in another 2.5 hours with a much more comfortable pace. Another sunburn kinda ride. Gatta love it.

So today its off the bike as rain is coming in and tomorrow looks to be the warmest day of the week so I will ride in the morning for sure.
I'm feeling better with every ride and its all going according to plan. 
Now, I little weight loss would not hurt.....
Bring that on.


Friday, March 16, 2012

It Continues. WI Weather Apocalypse.

HP visit was awesome today. Huge sun. Quiet beach. Good times. Why the pic of the dirty snow pile? Every year I believe this is the last remaining snow pile in the entire county.  Its plowed up against a small hilly sand thingie and never gets sun. The sand keeps it cool. Then throw in the tree cover and its very protected.
So I always keep an eye on it to see how long it lasts. Even 70 degree temps only put a small dent in it. Just another stupid thing I do in the HP.
 That and think about things. Today I thought about this crazy warm weather. And what it all means....

A term I hear a lot lately about the weather is that "we are going to pay" for it. "Just wait for that April snow storm". People are almost scared. Like something bad is going to happen. I see people coming in the store with a crazy look in their eyes. "What does this mean? Why is this happening?" they ask. Let me remind you....
This is not the warmest winter on record...
This is not the driest winter on record.....

So calm down. This has all happened before. What was bad for skiing has turned into good for riding. So just do it. And stop looking over your shoulder for the end of the world. That's first in December. Quite a ways off yet.
Being in the weather driven business Im in I always look at forecasts. It helps with deciding inventory levels.
10 day looks like all over 60 degrees....
This morn the National Weather Service released the 90 day:  Above average temps to continue. Below average precipitation to continue.
That's means its going to be an awesome bike riding spring and one that's needed.
Pay for this? We pre paid last spring, remember?
We have been carrying this balance on our account way to long and its about time we cash in. So cash it and stop worrying about the crazy temps and get out side!

Do it for real.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

It feels good to have a bike back on the roof. This mornings HP visit was a bit short as I had to get to the store early. Yesterday was a crazy banner day on the the sales floor. Close to 10 bikes out the door and a nice Madone on order. I ditched the store during the may lay to hit up the WNWSR but left the store in good hands.
However the floor needs a little straighting up after a run like we had yesterday so early to work I go. I'll be here almost 12 hours today and I don't mind for this reason.
Yesterdays WNWSR went well for me as it was for sure an easy one by standards. It was just crazy how only 7 bikes showed. At 70 degrees I was expecting 20.
So off we went heading into a wind than seems to grow just as we left town. One thing I notice as I get older I take much longer to warm up. The kids just jump on their bikes and crank it up to 20+mph. And still seem to be able to talk. I always struggle with this scenario and as I mentioned, some time on a trainer warming up would do me good. I think I will start 20 min early and take a short loop around to maybe get the legs up and running before the next ride starts and see if that helps. 

Anyway, it was just a matter of time before I got spit off the back in a stiff headwind. Soon I was 50 yards off the back. I looked at my garmin. Its was only 13 minutes into the ride. Are you kidding me? I was not even warmed up and I'm done....
One of the riders saw me and came back to get me(thx John H.) Once he pulled me back in the group I hide out in the back for another 20 minutes or so until my legs felt better and I was good to go the rest of the hour and 45 min ride. 

I still suffered on the hills but the guys took it easy as I could stay in contact. They were, however, again amazed at my heart rate. Several times I called out 175 when they were calling out 135. Again, due to the extra work I have to do.
I rolled in with a 16.2 MPH and a 155HR average. And these rides will only get faster.
I realize I will always be working harder then them and hope to take a few pounds off soon. Rides like this can only be doing me good. Its only March.
Just keep telling myself its only March.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Ride (new beginnings)

Tonite starts the summer long WNWSR. This road ride has been going on longer than I have been riding. Its kinda a complement to our Saturday breakfast rides. Kinda the same route. But no stopping for food. Or anything for that matter.
This is not a ride for the average rider. Over the years there has been a Tuesday "recovery" ride for all the fast guys who raced over the weekend. That ride died out and now has morphed into the Wednesday social ride. Speed picking up over time. Just a little at a time but all of a sudden the WNWSR was a game on ride that I ussually missed out. 
I used to make all these rides but since my form took a crap its nearly impossible for me to do nowadays. I think I attended three last summer only to get dropped like a sack of moldly diapers each time as had to solo home.
So now its a new year and I'll try it again. Knowing full well that my weight is up and form is down. But its only March so I'll use this ride for so called training.
Really, I have to treat this "social ride" just like a race. I gatta eat right and warm up properly or I will never even get in the game.
I always tell everyone Im going to come early and warm up on a trainer. But I don't. Cuz that would be silly. But it would help me.
Intervels will come a plenty for me. I'll have to push hard to hang on as long as I can. I will amaze everybody at my heart rate. Most of the time the skinny guys dont belive me when I tell them my rate. But then again, they forget Im pushing 100 more pounds than they are up that damn hill.

Today will be more of a "training" WNWSR as its still March and more than likely snow once or twice, scaring away all the roadies and their carbon machines. Heck, I got mine all dirty yesterday so Im good to go.
So just like the pro guys, its a new year with new hopes and dreams.
At least until 5pm today...... then its back to reality.
Wish me luck.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Electronic (Iron) Maiden Voyage

925am In the HP

So I did it. I tuned up the Madone and put 17 miles on it this morn. This was my first ride on electronic Ultegra or electronic of any kind for that matter. First impression?
O.M.G. You could not slap the smile off my face.
I left the shop in the small ring and just cruised thru the city. I didn't even shift. I have about 5 blocks of traffic before I can relax a bit on the bike so I didn't shift for that time frame. Its still a bit weird for me to hop on a 9k bike and ride it for the first time. Im always kinda nervous for some reason. I did measure it up for me but I always make a few seat of my pants adjustments and concentrate on what those are right off the bat.
One minute after the first pic was taken. Easton wheels rock.
As I expected, I was real close so no stopping needed. Just need to shim the stem a little lower on the steer tube and I wasn't going to do that till I got back to the store.
I hit the wide open spaces of southern DANOville and my cadence is up so its time to shift.
My first real life electronic shift. Im giddy as a school girl.
So I shift. Right hand shift on the cassette and my cadence speeds up instead of slowing.
I hit the wrong button.

After I figured out the button situation I shift to the proper gear. I know I shifted cuz my cadence slowed. But I didn't hear it. Or even feel it move to the new gear ratio. Its that quiet and that fast. Holy crap.
The young boy in me wanted to grab this new toy and just start shifting up and down and back and forth just because I can but I don't. I only shift when I needed to.
And really. Was amazed.
Now, I know this tech as been here for years and I did shift one on a trainer at Interbike a few years ago but its just so different doing in the real world. On your own bike.
Sure, I own a bike store. I could have DA Di if I wanted too. I did not want to. Way too expensive. I'm sure that stopped many. But now, Ultegra Di is reasonably priced and if you ride your road bike a lot, as most of us do, there is no reason not to do this electric stuff.
Sooner or later you all will have this.
Im not going to bore you with all the tech stuff. We all have read a million reviews on this.
How much do I like it?
I can safely say Im never going back to mechanical. And that just after 17 miles. Its that good.
What do I like the best? Sure it shifts quick and silent but I really like the automatic front derailleur trim as you work your way up and down the cassette. Last year I had Sram Red and I liked it. But the front derailleur was terrible for trim. Now I don't even think about it. Trim? 
Not sure what Shimano has in store for the future. 105 Di ? Maybe even more price friendly?
Everyone is now waiting for XTR Di. MTB electronics are not far away.
And as soon as a normally obsessed cyclist can afford it I will have it.
And not before.
The weather here is crazy warm. Almost 30 degrees over norm. Any bike store who leans on winter sports to get by needs this. I'm not sure who to thank, but... thanks.
Tomorrow I plan on a morning and afternoon ride. Both on the Madone.
Yes, after 17 miles I am spoiled.



Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday: 65 degrees
Today its crappy, foggy and raining. And I could not be happier bout that. Yesterday about 8 of us rolled out at noon. Yeah, I know it was a bit late in the day for some but was worth the wait as the temps hit 65 at some point during the ride. 

I rode in complete summer kit. I did bring armwarmers but rolled them down immediately. I even got a sunburn!

We did have to roll west to get away from the lake but that's a small price to pay for 60 plus degrees in March. As far as the weather, its been raining on and off all nite and it seems the roads are getting pretty clean. Salt washing away. 

I had the cross bike and suffered a bit as most brought out the carbon. I was thinking its just way to early to do ride the electronic Madone but now Im thinking maybe I should get it out of the window and sized up for me. Maybe it really is time. Maybe its not bout the weather but more about getting my ass kicked on these road rides. I was very sore. Advil sore.

With the streets now getting a washing and the temps maybe near 70 on Wednesday (what??) I will spend some time on the road machine and get it ride ready. Just in case. I just keep thinking that as soon as I get the thing out it will snow. I thought about just putting road tires on the cross bike but right now Pinky is the only cross bike I have so that's out. So Madone it is. Soon to be first time on Di Ultegra. Or Di of any kind for that matter.

So on the trainer the expensive bike will go. Tuned and measured.
Ready for action.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Not Just Me

As once again I get to the store too early my thoughts head toward spring as usual. Its cold but the sun is out. But its not just me thinking this.....

Yesterday I was thinking out loud about getting my Madone out of the window and sized (I have yet to sit on it) cuz the road season may  be here sooner than later. Last year I did not get on my summer bike till late April. I see a lot of high end bikes riding around right now.
But last nite it snowed just a trace. And the city dumped a coating of salt everywhere.
Twice we have had sufficient rain to wash off the streets but I guess just too early to think about salt free roads. But is it too early really?

I have not seen a robin yet, but have been told they are back. As my HP visit today confirms the return of cranes to the park ( I watched them for a while) it seems that nature, too, is as confused as us cyclists. 

I hear story's of plants budding well more than a month ahead of schedule.
I have seen many spring birds about.

A couple of days ago I saw this guy hop across my patio. How strange to see on the first week of March. There was still piles of snow around.

It looked as confused as me and the cranes and the plants.

Everyone thinks spring is not far away.

And I'm not going to disagree with them.
Because most likely they are all smarter than I am.
Have a good weekend.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fire Drills

yesterday at 2pm
It was game on yesterday. I planned some help to get to the store at 2pm, grab the cross bike and off I was with Dave A.
Felt weird to ride in just jersey and short (with armwarmers) but I liked it.
Its been since October since I did that.
We have a big riding group here, well over 20 bikes strong quite frequently. But on days like this the rides are like fire drills. Everyone grabs their bikes as soon as they can and rides. No time for organisation.

So, in time, we all see other, one by one, usually going the other way. Everyone at a different point in their rides. You just wave, say "see ya Saturday" and ride on.
I put in a good 30 miles with a rider much faster than me. I had to push and that was good.  I need 10 more rides like that to even consider the group rides.

Todays visit to my HP was all in all short. Being old I cant sleep long in the morn. I still go to bed when its dark and wake when its light. So I get up and since the store does not open till 11am (that will be bumped up soon) I try not to get here too early since Im here till 7pm alone. So I try to make my HP visits as long as I can. Or try to schedule my errands then also. 
But, most days, Im in store already by 9am. Doing this blog among other things.
So back to the HP visit. It was short and uneventful. While there I was thinking soon this visit will be done by bike and wondering when I would start that. After a short while I started to leave, ready to chalk this one visit as a dull one when several Sandhill Cranes flew over my car no more than 30 feet up. I could see the color of their eyes. And just like that the visit totally redeemed itself.
A boat load of cranes nest in the swampy area right next to the park and every year I await their return. And back they are. Im pumped!
Soon the eagles will leave to hunt inland more.
The cranes then fill their void.
I love this place.
Its my HP.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today as I had my coffee in the HP I felt thoughts of hope. The warm 48 degree breeze in my face just made me feel a little bit better.
That this nightmare of a winter for the store is coming to a close. Bike biz is blowing in with the strong south wind. Maybe close to 60 degrees today.
But better than that its looking like 40's for a long time after. And that should not be so much a surprise as its been in the 40's pretty much all winter.

I have one of the spring bike shipments in store and being built as we type.
With another on the way in two weeks. People stopping in and bike shopping. All ski stuff will be in the basement before we close today. And there's a lot of that stuff left. Like all of it.

At least my ski pre order will be pretty small next winter.

Today will be a ride for me at 2pm. I have help coming in to allow me some time on the bike. The last time I was on a bike was February 25th. Hope to get that going again. I was having a couple of good week in mid Feb. and hope to pick up where I left off.

Will be on the cross bike. Too muddy for the Pug.
Hope for two easy hours....


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Impending 2.0

Snowy Dunes. 855am
Last week I spoke of impending snow. Today I speak of its impending death. Following up the over 8 inches that has fallen since Friday, is temps in the 50's for today and tomorrow, followed by 40's after. 
I say bring it on.
Yesterday I said it was nice to get the snow. Let me clarify. If we were to get snow, it was nice snow to get. Now go away.

Ski tracks in sand.
So the big melt down is under way just making the trails and such a bit longer to ride. And I really, really want to ride that Superfly really, really bad.

And the Madone too. I most likely will get that electric shifting rocket out sooner than later as I don't have a (new) cross bike. Still have ol' Pinky tho. 
So Im good for awhile.
But why ride aluminum when you have carbon hanging in the window?

More news. I have the date for the second annual Sheboygan Bicycle Company Classic cross race. Its going to be the first WCA race of the season on Sept 8th. I know. Every year earlier and earlier.

My riding has been non existent but that's going to change with the warmer temps in the morn. Its tough to ride early morn when its 25 degrees when its going to hit 40 later. Mentally brutal.

So bring on the spring. Or even a hint of it. Next Saturday is daylites savings. That is a step in the right direction.
Bring that on also.


Monday, March 5, 2012

I went to bed Friday not knowing what I was going to be doing Saturday morn due to the snow. There was a shot at riding, and I dismissed that quickly with the roads being all slushy. I dislike riding in slush. Cold and wet.

My next thought was to get out the ski's. And that's what I did. Kinda. I was convinced I was not going to groom due to the impending 50 degree weather in a few days but when I got to the park and saw how cool the woods looked I changed my mind and groomed anyway.

The snow trees were nothing less than spectacular. I took 50 pics and could have taken 100 more. But didn't cuz I have 100's like these in my library already.

Grooming in my PI tennys.....
I didn't get to ski then. Ran out of time. But was happy that a trail was set for at least 3 days. Sunday morn I did grab the ski's and headed to the park for two nice laps. Even more snow fell during the nite. Fluffy lake snow just added to the snow trees. Another 3 to 4 inches.
Once again just stunned by the beauty of the woods. Deep down I really don't want this anymore as it just postpones the bike season but this I can take.
If its going to snow too late it might as well be like this. Might as well be able to enjoy it.
But really, where the hell was this two months ago.
Don't get me started.
This morn I had the ski's along to throw down one more quick lap before the 50 degree weather comes tomorrow but temps in the single digits (8) had me not. Strange how its supposed to be 40 degrees warmer tomorrow.
But the HP visit was good. Saw an eagle. Took some pics and now its back to work.

Happy Monday.


Friday, March 2, 2012


Waiting. For the unwanted snow to arrive. Today's HP visit was a serene, calm before the storm kinda thing.

 Theres an old saying that says something about farmers are the worst to complain about the weather. I was raised a farmer so I fall into the category. I bitch on and on about lack of snow, now bitch about the impending snow storm. But really, where was this crap two months ago. Tonight we are going to get at minimum, 8 inches of wet sloppy snow, followed up by two days of over 50 degrees. It really is too late. I know it will snow a bit now and then, its only the beginning of March, but 8 inches? Now?
Go away.

With the higher temps I will not groom. Both times I did groom the trails this winter it was melted 30 hours later.

And the both times it did snow enough to groom, was a Friday so the Saturday group ride was ditched. Tomorrow will be the same. Wet sloppy roads will have me working instead of riding. Boo.  And right now, I need to ride as much as I can. Maybe by Sunday the roads will be dry.

With the impending warmer weather I pulled the trigger on my spring bike shipment yesterday. 30 bikes should be here by Monday but Treks shipping is second to none and next day is not out of the question. I'll make sure the back hall is clear just in case today.

Yesterday was the first day I missed a post in a long time. Several reasons but the main one was trying to get into Iceman. They do not use a lottery but just open up a mass online registration, with a limit on riders. That's an Internet operation that's doomed to fail. And it did. So I was spending my morning trying to register, bitching about it on facebook, and run the store at the same time. But after the dust settled on that fiasco I am in the race, for the first time. Am looking forward to it.

This has been a terrible week for exorcise. No riding, running or walking. Nothing.
I need to change that. Quick. Like now.
Just no motivation. Its been a long time since the sun was out. Lack of sunlite takes the wind out of my sails. Hope things turn better in the regards. Looks like not for awhile tho...
So I just lay low and wait.