Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Huge surge. 825am
21 pounds 6 oz. Easton wheels rock!
Huge east winds have the lake pushing up at least 30 yards from the high water line. The beach usually starts where that first wave is rolling. In fact as I was standing there a wave came in and made me move ever higher on the beach. While northern wisco is getting nailed with a ton of snow, we have just rain and thats ohkay by me. I notices the road were a lot cleaner having been washed all nite long.

The Superfly is ready. I was hoping for sub 23 pounds when attaching the Easton wheels but was pleasantly surprised at sub 22. 
Just looking at that thing makes we want to get out in the woods. Cant come soon enuf as far as I'm concerned. I'm planning (in my head) a big year on the MTB. Would like to spend a lot more time on it than is summers past.

Its Wednesday and I have done nothing in the way of training.  I hope to maybe get on the spin bike this afternoon as I have help coming in to relive me. Again long shot.
I'm shooting for every other day either on the bike or trainer or run.
I say good luck to me on that.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Light Wheels

Just got my hands on these. Easton's 29er EC90 carbon. Rated at 1430 grams for the two. That's not a misprint. That kind of weight savings on a 29 inch wheel is huge. Rotating weight on 29er wheels is very high. Its a big wheel. Just look at the length of those spokes. Pulling weight off the rim and tire has way more effect of doing the same thing on a 26 inch MTB or even a road wheel.
Ive been a big fan of Easton wheels for years. I have a two sets of EC90 tubbies ( one road and one track) that are the fastest wheelset I have ever rode. NOTE: I have yet to ride Bontragers D3's. But hope to do so soon.

But I'm pumped to get my Superfly 100 all set up for the summer already. Its mentally tough to stare at these bikes all winter.  Hoping the trails will dry out early. If so, I'm ready. Will get some pics with the wheels on the bike. On top of the carbon, I mount light weight (tubed) tires tubeless with Stans. 
Makes for a very light wheelset. But comes with a ton of swearing to get them aired up. Cant wait to weight the thing.
Sub 23?

Had a longer than norm visit to the HP. Was going to go for a run but bailed due to low motivation. Once again looking at the death of the ski trail I just laid out Saturday. But, time heals all wounds and I'm not so sad to see it go. I'm so over this lack of winter.
Just had a crazy thought. 
Pack up and head over to Sea Otter to battle the west coast Clydesdales in April.
Now that would be off the hook.
And a long shot.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Last groom of the year. Saturday.
So with the snow on Friday I ditched the Saturday ride to grab the ski's. Its just nuts that its only the second time in ski's this winter for me. who would of thunk. I did not plan on grooming. Just figured someone would bust a trail for all to ski on. And someone did so off into the woods I went. After a couple miles in I realized that the four inches of snow ( the biggest snowfall to date this winter) had the trails in the best shape of the year (not saying much).  So I decided to grab the groomer and go.

I kinda knew that the tracks could be short lived but at the time the forecast was for a chance of a little more snow by the middle of the week so I took the chance.
The trails were good for exactly one day. 
Again, the high sun as melted most of it away as I checked it out on this mornings HP visit.  And I think that is going to be the end of my grooming for 2011\2012 winter. I groomed only twice this winter both times melting away the next day. So as Im sure it will snow again this spring, I will resist the urge to groom.

So with the warmer temps on Sunday four of us headed out of the store for a couple of hours in the saddle. Huge winds had many riders bail (shame). The winds were an "inconvenience" only half the ride. A huge headwind is only half bad as at some point you "flippit" and head back.

After a nice lunch at the halfway point we came back to 40mph tail winds. There was a point we all held 32mph+ for almost five minutes. Fun stuff. The sun came out and it was a very comfortable ride temp wise. So even tho the winds were off the hook, it sure beat the trainer or sitting on the couch.

Looks like mid week its going to be 45+ and rain now. We need that to wash off the roads so I can get the Madone out in March. All indicators are still pointing to a early spring.
Fingers crossed.


Friday, February 24, 2012


Winter has arrived. To late as far as Im concerned.  But I was pumped to get some new views in the HP. Took the pics when it was still snowing pretty good. The sun is out now and its really pretty in the park.  About 4 inches fell overnite. More than the weather dudes said. Unreal how bad wrong they have been lately. 3 to 6 was nothing, dusting to 1 inch turns out to be 4. I was going to run today but passed on that.
905am That ball is the sun.

So I took a good look at the ski trails and decided even tho it is skiable, not to groom. Its going to be 40+ on Sunday and no way could I set classic tracks that would not go right to the ground. I'll check it again this aft but pretty sure Im going to pass....
Hopefully someone will make a pass and tracks will be set "manually". I might try to get out on ski's tomorrow.

The beach has been almost perfect for riding the last week. Every morning froze and smooth as glass. Roads were dry and clean. That is now gone.

Still deciding on riding in the morn. Depends how wet the roads are I guess. Riding the beach with 4 inches of heavy snow would not be a picnic on a cross bike with small block tires either.  And Im not switching back to winter mode for one ride. So I guess I'll see whats up later today.
Again, would not mind a few trips around the HP on ski's.

I was a little upset with the snow. Just makes things crappy to ride. But its hard to remember its only the end of February. This is going to happen for at least a month yet. Hope not. Was talking a day or so ago on how early the MTB trails are going to dry out. A full month ahead of last year for sure.
But its days like this that set it back.
I heard the robins are back. Other spring birds as well.
They are just as confused with this weather as I am.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

File foto. I like this one. The stick was there before I got there...
I have a confession of sorts.
My weight gain really has me rattled. That's my reasoning behind confessing such a thing as this.
In that respect, Im grasping at straws. Not thinking straight. Doing strange things and thinking un pure thoughts. In a way, Ive done things I never would have or should have.

First off, I had a great spin on the trainer today. I didn't feel great but thats what made it great (if there is such a thing). The last two spins I had no problem holding between 145 and 160bpm the entire hour. Today I had to work like a dog to get 140. For whatever reason (most likely dehydration)I could not get  any heart rate. And thats good info to have.
I almost never wear a HRM on a bike (did I say almost?) I mean absolutely never. That will change.
Ive always said I need to bring my A game to hang in the local road group. I need to prep as if its a race. Eat right. Warm up right. If I miss, I'm out.
Having a bad heart rate day on the trainer is just info I can take forward to identify the making of a bad day on the out side bike. And while I will always maintain that I don't have a structured training plan other than ride my bike a lot, some training techniques I can bring down to my level to at least help me out a bit. So yes, I will start wearing my monitor on bike rides.

Back to what I was talking about at the beginning.

So, yeah, I really need to change something to get this weight loss going. In fact I think I need to change more than one thing. My eating habits of course is one.
And two.... Im almost afraid so say... Ive started running.
Not real long. Not real good. But getting some heart rate and using muscles I never use a lot. It hurts. And its kinda pathetic. Weird how I can ride 100 miles but cant run, even really slow, for more than 50 yards. But Ive been putting in time in the morning.

I'm not making a trend for me here. Its just filler. Needed filler to jump start the weight loss. And it hurts. Ive got bad joints to begin with. And right now I'm at the point to where either I keep going, and work thru the pain hoping it gets better, or ditching it. I think I have had 5 "sessions", and its always a run\walk scenario. But I get a good workout. And in short time. And I must say its way easier to do than an hour on the trainer. Way. Always on the beach.
What makes this weird is that I have always been against running. Overall its very hard on your body. If you do it a lot. My motto has always been run only if being chased. Even if I decide to continue it will always be in very small amounts. Very. 

So there. Those who know me can attest to how scared I am about my weight if I'm running.
Or at least attempting to.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sun is out. Beach visit was long. An eagle was seen. Beach was froze and smooth. Would be a good day to go for a ride on it. I guess we might get a few more beach rides in this year if it stays like this.
Cartoon mode is still in full swing.

But not all is good in DANOville.
I weighed myself last nite and was hoping to be pleasantly surprised with a few pounds off. Nope. Weight gain. Son of a.......... I am now a full 20 pounds more than last summer......
And with all this trainer riding and bike riding.

It seems all the riding in the world will not make up for my poor eating habits. And that's not the answer I was looking for. So the key for me is not physical, its mental. And that's the toughest of all. At least for me it is. 
I think I need to seek outside help.

On the weather front, I am seeing a lot of summer birds returning. Again, all indications pointing to early spring. I have hope. I pulled the Superfly out of the window. Its waiting for some Easton carbon wheels. The Madone remains hanging. That will not come down for another month. Weather depending. And that's the bike I look forward to riding with the Ultegra Di and all....
I'll get into my demo bikes later when its warmer out.....

Until then its going to be Pinky the cross bike.
Someday I'll post the story of that bike.
We go way back.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last ski trail fossil. 845am
Theres going to be a lot of days like this coming up I feel. With the mild winter its going to feel like spring is a million years long. Today is warm enough to ride but rain\sleet pushed me on the trainer this morn.
Pic is a sad reminder of the one day we could ski in the Happy Place. This is about all the snow I could find today. Again, a sad winter coming to an end. Almost happy to put it out of its misery.

Soon I will put all the ski stuff in the basement. I pretty much wait till after the Birkie. Someone usually stops in for wax or something just before.
So I guess another week wont be a big deal.

Today someone is stopping in to buy a Project Madone. I love selling those. I'm like a kid in the candy store while picking color, components, etc. Even if its not mine. Its fun to do.

Might get a shot at a outside ride tomorrow morn.
If its not raining.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Update

Saturday morn.

Saturday had us on what could be the last beach ride of the winter mode rides. While there is a chance we could ride it again it would have to be pretty cold to do so. The beach does freeze at nite but with the sun getting so high during the day it softens up the sand pretty quickly regardless of temp. We hit the beach around 9am or so but it went away pretty quick and I was off it 30 minutes later.

It was a good ride with only 11 or so bikes cuz some guys opted to go to Milwaukee and ride at Rays (?)  I have never been to Rays. And that might sound strange but I just don't feel it. Even if its owned by Trek. And especially now with the temps breaking into the "extremely tolerable" mid 40's on a daily basis. I could see making the hour drive some day when its like below zero outside, just never had the chance. So Saturday had us out almost 3 hours with a good mix of beach, road and woods. Perfect. Then....
I still had a few hours to go to hit my 5 hours for the weekend so I called a ride out at noon Sunday. The sun was out and again high in the sky to warm us up. Temps are not that warm, but the high sun warms us up now. Starting rides at noon helps warm things up too.
4 of us rode out of the store at high noon and put in a good 2+ hours. After the ride I was wiped out and after looking at Mr Garmin understandably so... almost a 17 mph average for 30 miles on a cross bike. No real intervals but just a steady effort. I like that. Nice ride. 5+ hours in the saddle this weekend. And I will consider this weekend a success.
We are going to have a good string of riding days coming up here. Everyday in the 40's with Thursday predicting 48. Some rain too but I think I can work around that.
All indications are pointing to a early spring.
I say bring it for real.


Friday, February 17, 2012


Still loving the cartoon mode on my phones camera. 817am
Lots of gooses. 848am
Today was a strange visit to the HP. It was warm and sunny when I got there, then clouded up really quick and got colder. That kinda took the wind out of my sail for a ride this morn and I just came back to the store to go to work instead.

But I did a lot of thinking there today. Its the place I do my best thinking. Good or bad.

I was thinking how lucky I am to get to start my day this way. It was not always like this. I have done my time as a 9 to 5'er. Wake up to an alarm, clean up a little and drive to a job you hate, or at least do not like. Everyday the alarm rings at the exact same time. Off you go.
I'm almost 52 years old and have spent a huge amount of time in my life doing that. And I'm so done with that. 
Today I never wake to an alarm, pretty much get up when I want to (within reason). I get to goof off a bit before I get to work. Spending time on the beach every morn, regardless of temp (not in rain) is just about the best in the world. No traffic. Quiet. Serene. Awesome. Happy.

Working at my bike store. Living the dream. I'm not getting rich, but I'm happy. Or am I?

For my entire life Ive always wanted more than I had. 20 years ago I owned a trucking company that grossed (not net) 6 million a year. My salary was 6 digits. I worked harder and harder, more hours, more trucks, more money that equaled more stuff for me. Race cars and motorhomes. Bring it all on!
Then I burned out and sold it all. Trucks, race cars and motorhome plus more.
Looking back, I should have stopped way before I got to that point. I would have been happy. But you what they say about hindsight...
So today, as I sat on the beach I thought how happy and lucky I was to be where I am today. Its not by luck, its by design. My design. Then the clouds came and it got a bit gloomy.
My thoughts changed.
Is this all there is? I mean, I'm right where I thought I wanted to be. Bike shop owner, bike rider, sleeper in'er. I'm not so sure sometimes.
Sometimes I think I want more. Still.
I was never the guy to be happy and settle. Ive never settled. Really, I am never happy with what I have and always look for more. I want what he's got. Its a terrible fault. And I suffer for it.

But then again some people would call this ambition. And maybe that is all it is. Maybe I just have a lot of ambition. Always looking to better myself. Always looking for that next project. Ambition is a good quality to have, right?
Either way, its in me. Its instinct.
Is there a chance I could burn out on bikes. Sell the store and move on?
Do I know when that could happen. Nope.
But I will say this. I'm taking what I learned with my prior business and am going out of my way to not make the same mistakes. The fact that Ive been there before is helping me a ton today. When that ambition thing hits me I take a step back. Relax. Head for my Happy Place. And just slow down a little. Think clearer.

And that sucks all the ambition out of me.
And resets me. Reboot.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

file foto
Today I had a short HP visit. But I noticed even a short visit is a good visit.
I had to get to the store early as today was visit number two for my accountant.
I fixed all the stuff he asked but he found more stuff. Back to the drawing board for me.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are all going to be in the 40's for temps. I'm hoping for another 5 hour ride weekend on the bike and so far all indications point to yes. In fact, I will get out tomorrow morn before the store opens for sure. Most likely not a Pug ride but some road miles on the cross.

While there is no way I would technically "train", like with a scheduled plan, I do follow some basic principles like base, followed by intervals and then race. So really its base till the end of March.
And base for me is just longer rides really. I don't really do anything different than any other ride. Just try to do more and call it "base".

Base, for me, is very hard to maintain in group rides. I pretty much gatta lay it all out going up hill to stay in the group. If I wanted to stay in a lower HR zone it would be impossible for me to pretty much ride with anyone. So these rides I do alone like tomorrow morn I think are good for me. Once its warm, and I'm on the road bike, intervals will be conducted naturally. No need to plan for them.

Another issue I have is that all my saddle time is made up of a lot of shorter rides. I have less then two hours in my morning window to ride. Saturdays group ride gets me about 3, so that leaves me with Sunday to do the 4+ hour rides and those are the rides I need if I'm going to tour this summer.
With warmer weather and some help at the store my morning window gets bigger.
That can not come soon enough.
Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As I pulled up to the store this morn, getting (or trying) into my trainer mindset, I noticed it was 36 degrees and going nowhere but up. The the hell was I thinking?
I get in such a grove with things that sometimes it takes a two by four across the face to wake me up.
So away with the trainer and game on with the pug.
A very nice hour and a half of my life.
Blasting the woods, being the first to be on them since the snow (besides a fox) was awesome. Then the beach was the preferred route on the way home.
A perfect pug ride.
Its been quite some time since I rode pug, maybe almost a month?
I think the pug is a very good training bike. You work just a little bit harder. Not a ton but a little. I would have to believe my heart rate was just up a bit than if I rode the cross bike.
And when it comes time for intervals I would have no problem maxing out. And most likely doing it going less than 20mph. You can get bang for your buck on a pug. In that respect anyway. As for fat bikes I have already put my order in for several for the store, and a Moonlander for me.
Like I always say, your all going to have one of these, its just a matter of when.

Have a super day.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The main attraction back then.
Just spent another hour on the spin bike because.....
1423   5:16:51.27   523   DITTRICH, DAN L    7.802 MPH 258   1587

1394   4:22:23.62   543   DITTRICH, DAN L    9.421 MPH 263 1542

Another tool for motivation is set a goal or a reason to have a goal. I just did that the other day.
Above is my only two Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 results. Why do I show this?
First off, they are incredibly bad. 5 hours 16 min to start. Followed by a stellar 4 hours 22min. This was at the start of my bike riding career. The first year (2001) I think I hurt so bad at the end I vowed never to do it again. Until the next year anyway.
Then, in 2002 I took almost a hour off my time. Not many people can say that.

Then... I mailed my money in for 2003, 2004 and 2005. All denied. I lost interest.
There's a lot going on in September anyway. The race falls on the same date as a century in my hometown I do every year. Why do I even mention this?
Cuz I just mailed in my entry form for 2012. Game on (pending approval).

Almost every summer I get my fill of MTB racing with WORS. A couple day trips and I'm good. Mostly an hour or so drive. But this year I want to do more of these, what I call, weekend classics.
I remember driving up to Cable, WI in my motorhome those two years. It was a blast. The motorhome is long gone but I hear Telemark is up and running. Just makes sense to stay there. Besides the pain lasting for several days later what I do remember is a lot of fun. My goal is to take yet another hour off my time. I'm 10 years older so its not as easy as it sounds. And just adds to the motivational factor. Maybe not so much today but in a few months....

The motorhome was a meeting place of sorts parked in the back of Telemark's parking lot. People just seem to come and go.
Not knowing a lot of them as I was just starting out in this crazy sport. Even back then I estimated around 50k's worth of bikes laying around the M-home one nite.
Some very fast riders who I had no clue as to who they were at the time.
Anyway, its game on as soon as I win the registration lottery and get in.
I'm not holding my breath.
I'm terrible at gambling.


Monday, February 13, 2012

830am. Not a bad pic today.
A few weeks ago I mentioned how hard it was for me to spend any time on a trainer. Or spin bike. 
I'm happy to say I spent an hour on the spin bike in my office on Friday, Saturday and today.
Fear of not being able to ride the group rides. Fear of my spiraling weight gain.
Fear is a huge motivation tactic I must subconsciously use. Right now, today, and basically this time of year every year my weight just explodes. To the point of once again struggling on the group rides. Even the slow winter rides on the beach. Let alone the road bike rides in a few months.

I weighed myself Friday. I don't weigh myself everyday, maybe once a week. I am a full 10 pounds more than I was over the holidays. I am pretty close to the most I have ever weighed. And that was before I started riding bikes.  And I can feel it.
As you can imagine, a huge part of my life revolves around these group rides. I'm a bike store owner. I have a lot riding on my fitness level, but throw in some health issues (I'm not getting any younger) and its my weight that is the key to pretty much everything I do, want or feel. You would think since I have so much to gain with weight loss that it would be a no brainer. One would think.

As far as me deciding at what point to buckle down, its strange. Its like I almost need to hit rock bottom to get the point. Will power and motivation is low until I get to the point of no return. Dangerously close to that point. 
And that where I am today. So yes, I'm peddling something that's not moving. And as much as it hurts mentally, its needed for many reasons. 
Really, when I think about it, I have no choice.
And while winter has returned for a brief visit, I hear temps back in the 40's in a few days so my dungeon riding might be short lived.
Bring that on.


Friday, February 10, 2012

I realized two things today.
One: its still winter
Two: I suck at making coffee.

First off, the pic was taken way before the real snow hit. Its a frikin' blizzard right now. So far its 3 inches in 3 hours. You can barely see when driving as its a white out. I'm so confused as to what season it really is. Along with many animals. Saw a cardinal out singing in my yard the last few mornings. 
The sounds of spring.
Then we get hit with snow as we speak. Do I want snow? Do I want spring? I don't know what the hell I want anymore.
If we are going to get a little winter than make it enuf to be able to do winter stuff. Otherwise take a hike. Tomorrow its supposed to be in the single digits for the group ride in the morn. That will make me think a little bout riding.
I guess its still winter. While its snowing like crazy, I don't expect to get enuf to groom. So its just a waste of time.

As for the coffee. I give up. I buy a expensive machine, buy the best beans, and it still sucks. I love the coffee from my local cafe's but when I take their coffee home, cant replicate what they do. I think they do that on purpose so you come in to buy their brew.
And the cost to fill my mug has went up in the last few months. That would come to about $80 bucks a month for coffee to buy from them everyday.
$960 bucks a year for coffee.
I guess I will just keep the coffee maker and drink crappy coffee.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can't get over the "cartoon" thing on camera.
Its cold again here in Wisco. No snow and cold. The ski's are still out but at this point in the year I cant give them away. I will put them in the basement in a few weeks and give the store a makeover for spring.

Today's HP visit was cancelled due to a product rep coming into the store.

Product rep's are funny. Most of the time they work for an agency that supports many products. They bring in literally 5 suitcases of product and go thru it so fast you have no idea what you are looking at. Then they expect you to order based on what you just saw in the last 15 minutes. Not me. I blow off a lot of outside rep's.
Almost to the point of being rude. But that's business.
A product change is not a decision made in minutes. Weeks maybe.
But I like the guy coming in today.
He races cross so he's in. Plus he's the Easton guy and I like Easton.
So I will take it easy on him and give him some biz.

The Long Haul Trucker is back in the stand and getting built back into tour mode. Racks and such put back on.

I just ordered another Trucker. A disc Trucker this time. Im a bigger guy, plus throw on 50 pounds of gear and that's a big job to stop me. Disc brakes will be a plus.

Still going with the 26in tire too. Its a tough bike for a tough job.

I cant wait to build it. Im thinking full Apex for driveline. And I know the cross scientists are close to a good hydraulic brake and I hope to use that as soon as I can. But its going to be cable in the meantime.

Big plans this summer.
Bring it on. 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


On Armstrong: being a Trek dealer you would think we are programed to always defend Lance. Not really. Did he dope? Maybe. But back in 1999 doping was quite different than it is today. Either good or bad. Things that are frowned upon today was only a wrist slap then. One would think if he didn't dope he sure could have taken it right to the limit of the definition. He had quite a streak going last decade. He must have doped, right? Everyone who came close to beating him got busted. Won seven tours. Some by a lot. Some by a little.
Just several years ago he launched a second career in bike racing. Older and battered came in third in the tour at a old age. Was he doping then? Nope. 
Lance was the most tested man in sports in his era. Bottom line: he never tested positive. You cant prosecute if have no evidence stating your case.
And that's why the US investigators decided not to spend the hours and dollars.
But wait! Now WADA (the world agency) says hey, turn everything over to us, we have the time and money to waste on this. So, this is not over yet. How about concentrating on whats happening now, not 1999. Really, at this point the only people who care are the haters.
And then we have Alberto. Just got his suspension handed down. Really? It took 18 months to tell him he is suspended two years? First off, he never denied finding a minuscule dose of clenbuterol in his blood. He told everyone how that happened. And yes, it is possible. Such a small amount found that no way would he benefit from it. But... rules are rules. His camp calls it a "accident" and I could for sure believe that. The travesty here is the way it was handled. In my estimate, way worse than the actual crime. Not that I would even come close lessening the issue of doping. Dopers still suck.

But here's the important lesson: There are dopers, and there are riders convicted of doping.

Alberto is not a doper. But he did get busted and should be punished.
The real travesty in both these case, and others is, again, the way its handled. Too many agency's, from too many countries with too many agendas.
Different riders get different options. Politics and foreign relations involved. That's just sad.
In fact, just like in Alberto's case, he will now appeal and make the process even longer. And he will fight for his results in the last 18 months because he was told to keep racing. How can one agency tell him to race, and another tell him he's suspended. After the fact.

Bottom line, if your a true fan of cycling, this is not a Lance\Alberto issue. Its way deeper than that. Its not that there are dopers. Its how the dopers are processed.
And its not going to get better. In fact its getting worse.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Touring Tech

So this morn I was hanging out at the HP and just killin' some time messin' with my phone and found this "cartoon" mode in my camera. How cool. Its crazy what these devices can do. And what else can this thing do that I don't even know about? Most likely I will never know all the functions of this thing. So Im thinking....

How great are these smart phones for bike touring. Amazing. I remember my 18 day tour in 2008 and how cool I thought I was lugging my laptop around. Pulling up maps and such. No GPS then. Today my phone does more than my laptop did just 3 or 4 years ago. 
Thinking about it, the smart phone is most likely a necessity on a bike tour. If asked if I could only take one thing besides a change of clothes it would for sure be the phone. It tells you where you've been and where your doing and how to get there. Documents you ride with foto's and even lets you call your mom. There are applications that let other people track you. Its really endless.

Last August when I did a short four day ride I used Google maps on the phone to find a campground. Why, here's one just 4.7 miles away, would you like to call? Here's the website. Want to make reservation? Why, yes phone..... yes I would.
2008 Pink razor on top of laptop case.
Back in 2008 I had a Motorola Razor and thought that was cool. It was pink.
But remember having to plan my nites stay already a 2pm, looking and reading road signs to get mileages to the next town. If it ran too late in the day I had to grab a hotel, not liking to spend the extra cash. I remember pulling over, hauling out my 3 pound laptop, waiting for it to boot up, and looking at maps. The phone not only tells you where your going but where you are right now. Touring with a smart phone will let you be able to ride farther everyday with better knowledge of whats ahead. This technology was not mainstream just a couple years ago.

So this summer as Im planning my touring seminars and rides, the smart phone, and how to use it will be a important part of the curriculum. But first I need to learn it myself....


Monday, February 6, 2012

Its Mental.....

file foto. I lost my camera again. But it looked like this.  
Sometimes, during the winter I'll struggle with what I will mildly call "cabin fever". Its always the toughest in February. Like right now. As I mentioned a few posts ago I have reasons why I enjoy bike riding(as opposed to the trainer). But there is another reason bike riding is for me.

Its a hugely social sport. And even tho I enjoy talking to people one on one I struggle a little bit with crowds. A crowded house party, wedding or event of that nature. I can tolerate that stuff at best. But those who know me most likely have seen me go into a bit of a shell at these functions.
But for some reason I cant explain, you throw in bikes and that all go's away. The "cabin fever" disappears. Its weird.
This weekend I had a good time on the bike with almost 5 hours of saddle time. And that just changed my entire mental well being ongoing. Add the bright sunshine this morn in the HP and I just feel better, overall. I feel as if I have been medicated with some type of anti depressant.

Pinky in spring training mode. Kenda small blocks. 1X10
There is no doubt in my mind I could be taking some sort of medication. But the bike is my medication and maybe explains my sub conscious infatuation with cycling. Maybe its my brain's way of asking for medication. No doubt I feel better after a ride. Any ride. And my brain knows that.And that might explain why I feel so bad blowing off a ride.

I don't know this stuff ongoing. At least I'm not conscious of it. I don't wake up in the morning, telling myself I need to ride due to whatever. I do know that there are days I wake up really want to ride. No matter the weather or temp. But I don't always do it. And I feel it later. Not surprisingly, the trainer or spin bike does not have the same effect and maybe even the opposite. 
So as much as I complained about the mild winter for skiing, deep down inside I kinda like it.

Ive got the studded tire off Pinky and she is the bike of choice right now for riding. The Long Haul Trucker is off the plate right now as I'm putting it back into summer touring mode. I have big touring plans this summer. But then again, any plan I concocted in my head is big, then gets widdled down from there.

So its going to be over 40 degrees again today and I gatta ride.
Doctors orders.....


Friday, February 3, 2012

This dude blocking the entrance to HP. 755am
Since I missed yesterdays visit I thought I would get to the HP a bit earlier this morn. No easy task as I attended our monthly bike club meeting last that included all the beer you could drink.
I dont drink a lot of beer. Almost none. But when I do it only takes two pints and I will have a bad morning the next day. I had three.
Ongoing, the temps remain above the norm with the next three days in the 40's for highs. Its almost old news at this point. The beach was still a little froze so we might get a few miles on it tomorrow morn. And it was glass smooth. What a contrast to last week. Look back a couple posts to see what the beach looked like just a week ago. This pic and that earlier pic was taken within a half mile of each other.

Today I got some cool news. My HP is actually Kohler-Andrae State park. And every year the park puts together a informative newspaper to hand out to visitors and campers. All state parks do. This year they picked two of my pics for page one and two. Getting the headline pic was cool.
I'll download it and post it as soon as I get it.

So with today being Friday. Working all day in the store.
But plan on a ton of riding this weekend. I gatta cut Saturdays group ride short to cover the store but Sunday look like it will be a longer cross bike ride.
Hope you get outside too.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 chairs-one computer means one thing.
Today is accountant day. I hate this day. Over the year I do my own accounting but always need to have a pro check out my work. Then he shows up at 6am. I have to ditch the HP today. So we sit down, talk about stuff. Look at stuff. He makes a few changes. Tells me what I cant do and what I should do. Scolds me on what I want to do (sometimes has a good laugh about it).
Always makes my books look worse.
Makes me have to pay more in taxes.
And charges me $135.00 per hour to do it.
And he's not done. He has to come back.

What a way to start the day. I prefer the beach myself.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Say No To Trainers

Was never good at self portraits.
Finally a bike ride. Missing out yesterday had me a little crabby but with the forecast in the upper 30's for like, forever, has me in a positive mood.
I always said the first 50 degree day starts up the bike sales and that is true.
But who would have thought that day would be January 31st. During this time of year I should be selling my discounted CC ski stuff. I cant give it away. However sold three high end bikes in the last 24 hours. Crazy.
Back to my ride. A nice 90 minute ride. Heart rate up a few times. Kept a good average speed. Nice ride.
The Long Haul Trucker is the way to go right now. 26in wheels with 2.0 small block tires make it a real cruiser. The larger volume tires and steel frame soak up the cracks in the road. What a contrast to last Saturday when it was aluminum cross bike with 80 pounds of air.

Im laying out my spring program right now and these temps just make it so easy to do. As usual, I start setting my riding goals way too high thinking 10 hours a week outside. But then I remember its the first of February. So its 5 hours outside per week. Easy peasy. Will see how the weather turns out around the middle of the month to add.
Spin bike?
No way I can put that kind of time on that thing. I will keep it around a while to augment my ride time. But I wont hold my breath. I was thinking why is the spin bike\trainer scenario so hard for me? How can some people put two hours on those things and I cant get more than 30 min before I start to cry. Its mentally painful for me to do.

I think its got a lot to do with my A.D.D. One of the reasons I like to ride instead of say, run or walk is that the scenery is changing fast. Always something new to look at. You cover ground faster, see more faster and that keeps my brain busy. Same thing is why I love to drive. Cars, trucks, motor homes, anything. I can drive for hours on end and love it cuz the landscape is a constant change. And in both riding and driving, my brain is preoccupied with the task on hand. Its always working both subconscious and conscious.

Now, sit me on a bike that does not move. You might as well hit me with a 2X4.
It hurts me that bad.
Spin class instructor?
Sure, easier for me. Always thinking, watching others and contemplating the next move. Its way more social. Its easier. 
So, again, its time to get out and ride back to summertime fitness and weight.
And for me thats happening out of doors.
Like God intended.