Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Im not a big fan of new years. To me, really, its another day. A few years back when I was a spin instructor I used to get a kick out of the people who flocked to the gym's and fitness clubs in early January. Only to bail by the end of Feb.
Why do they think this only during this time? And then ditch it only to do it over a year later. Resolutions do not need a date to work. You can adopt a new resolution any time of year.

For me, my new years dont begin and end with the calender, but more with the seasons. My new season begins in spring. And ends sometime during winter.

But I too have changes coming. This year I was leaning on the cross scene and it was fun. Having some bike for demos and putting on the race was a blast. But next year (that starts sometime around April) Im going back off that a little (not entirely) and get deeper into touring. 

As in most of my endeavors, I start big and get disappointed from there. This year I am bringing in CoMotion. Ive been a dealer for a while but will get some of those bikes on the floor this year. Touring bikes. Touring tandems. Goona offer some touring workshops and maybe even some short tours of the area with overnite camping. Self sustaining touring. Big plans.

I have some experience in this with my tour of Wisco in 2008. This summer I took a 4 day mini tour (pic above). I think it way fun and this aspect of biking will be my focus of 2012.

So there is my big idea for the next year. Starting sometime this spring.
Bring it on.
So tonite I will not go out. In fact, I do look forward to this nite as I get to have the grandkids overnite and thats about the best way to spend new years eve ever!


Friday, December 30, 2011

Why I do this.

File foto. HP in July.
What does one write about when they have nothing to write about? Why do I keep this blog anyway? Facebook is so much faster and easier. I get way more responses on Facebook. I get my pics and anecdotes to hundreds instead of around 50 to 60. I do have a few loyal readers (not sure why) and I think thats cool. But really how many Pug rides do you want to hear about. They all are the same. Same bike, same route, same time of day.
So why? I have reasons. 
First, something almost nobody knows is that I enjoy writing. Im not good at it. But I enjoy it. I actually have a few very short storys. Not real good but fun to write. I did most of them in 2008 when I lived alone for awhile. So everyday when I write about the same bike ride I took the day before I try to change it up and make it sound like it was not.
Pug ride yesterday. So what else is new? 1130am
Then mostly, my pics. I enjoy taking pics and unlike my writing, am pretty good at it. My Father was a wildlife photographer later in his life and traveled to far away places to do it. I still have all his work. Back in the day the format was called "slides". Its a small negative that could be used to reproduce or put in a viewer and shown on a big screen. I feel old having to explain them. I have hundreds of his slides. So I guess thats where I got it from. 
Today, in the age of digital, everyone can photoshop a great pic. The art of taking a pic at perfect light is gone. I know for a fact that if this was still the age of film only that I would be making a living with my photography. Damn technology!
I still have all the shutter cameras and lenses he (and I) used back in the day.
Today, all of my pics are taken with my camera (Samsung Mesmerize) or a cheap Walmart Sony. I always wanted to get a better digital but really, whats the sense? Those machines make crappy photographers good ones. I'll stick to the crappy cameras and use my skill to get my pics.
So really, I do this blog thing for me. And if you want to read it, thats cool. If not, thats cool too. If nothing else, look at the pictures.
Its Friday and Im in the store all day.
Hopefully someone will stop in for a visit.
And then maybe I'll write about it.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Its raining. On December 28th. Not snowing. Not sleeting or even a freezing rain. Just a straight up rain. How depressing is this.

What little snow we have will be gone by days end. Too wet to ride road. Beach too soft to ride. Not even sure what the woods looks like. Will try to ride when it stops raining.

Yesterday I put in a good road ride with James J. We both picked the same time to leave town and met going south. Which was pretty easy as the winds were huge and was going to be in our face on the way home. I was glad to have the wheel on the way back. He pulled way more than I. It was good to work a bit harder than I expected to.
 Todays bike of choice, if I do get a ride in, will be Pug. The Pug is now going thru some kind of transformation. Every day I walk in the store there seems to be another carbon part on it. So far just bars and seatpost. Not sure how this is happening and even if I could stop it Im not sure I want to.
If it gets out of hand I'll do something but for now lets just see how far it go's.

How long till a carbon frame fatbike?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another beautiful spring day in Wisco. Another beautiful HP visit this morn. Once again my mind swings to todays bike ride. I was planning on the Pug today but the mild weather just might have me back on the road. 
Yesterdays ride was not as long as I had planned. It was one of those goof off rides. I stopped quite a bit and hung out at places. A majority of that time in my HP. It was one of those rides that I take to think about stuff. It was a two hour ride with less than 30 miles on it.
Its been since October that I even rode a road bike. And this was really Pinky disguised as one. I was kinda turned off by the harsh ride of the aluminum frame and 120 psi skinny tires. Im used to the LTH (long haul trucker) with the 26in wheels and rubber. Way smoother ride. So the LHT will be the bike of choice today. Yesterday I spent some time at my HP's fishin' hole. They just put that in last year. And of course I hung out on the beach for some time too. 
It was near 45 degrees but windy. Im pretty sure I could have rode with knee warmers but those are already in the basement waiting for spring (the real spring).
 As I prep for today's ride Im thinking that I almost feel retired. While I am concerned about my personal finances, it kinda takes a backseat to my goofing off at times. While thats not the best thing to do it sure is fun. Money is nice but not my top priority. I also feel retired in the fact that all my rides are alone. Like Im out when everyone else is working. It feels weird at times. Sometimes all these solo ride do take a toll on me mentally. Just like that creepy friend that is way too clingy, you can also spend too much time with yourself. And on the flipside, you can spend not enough. I do my best to balance. Not always succeeding.
But I'll have about 30 miles today to try.


Monday, December 26, 2011

I survived the weekend. And it was a battle fought on many fronts. First, almost all the snow we received a few days ago is almost gone. Todays expected high of 45 will kill all that remains. So the HP is back to a lot of sand. All snow is melted off the beach. Back in summer mode.
Saturdays ride was not like this. Snow melting, then re freezing on the beach produced ice that had me hit the ground hard. Twice. Within 10 minutes. I hate those kind of falls. You are riding on lots of ice and you know it could happen but when it does you think "what the hell happened?". You lose your front tire so fast that you hit the ground still with your hand on the bars. The only issue I had is that nobody else fell but me. And I fell twice. But thats the way it go's in winter I guess. I do have studded tires down in the basement and thought of them often Saturday. But, overall, it was a good ride even tho my hip is still a little bit swollen this Monday morn. I'll survive.
On to Xmas day and it was a house full all day. Kids and grandkids in morn. Her side at nite.
I think I stepped outside once for about two minutes all day. For me, thats a killer. All in all its not bad. Just a bit straining for me to sit in one place for so long. I survived.

Today feels like late March outside. Sunny. Temps about to skyrocket.
I will take advantage. Really, I should send everyone home and man the store myself but when you get a day like today you take advantage. I am very good at taking advantage.
So I will ditch the store for a road ride. A 50 mile road ride. Under a bright sun, 45 degrees on Dec 26th. Maybe I should just put the ski stuff down in the basement and have a bike sale.

Time to ride.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Pugs love snow. Snow loves Pugs.
Another awesome HP visit this morn. 12 degrees! Needless to say I was alone. Todays thoughts are of yesterdays Pug ride and when and where and what am I going to ride today.

Yesterdays Pug ride was the third in three days. And the first in snow. Even if it was just a little. This time I threw the bike in my car and drove the 6 miles to the woods. I learned yesterday that you should not ride a fatbike on a slushy wet road. Your back get soaked from the huge rear tire. Lesson learned.
As usual I spent the first hour in the woods, and the second on the beach. While I would not use this bike on one of our group rides, its now the bike of choice going solo. Im waiting to get full winter use once the rivers and lakes freeze, when ever that will be. Today Im riding the Long Haul Trucker cuz Im running some errands. Actually, Im using it to do my Xmas shopping today.

This will be the last post till next Monday with a busy weekend planned. Saturday Im closing the store. Its a decision that I went back and forth on but it would have been open just a short time anyway. Hope to do the usual group ride Saturday morn, family over Saturday nite, kids and grandkids by me Sunday morn, more family over Sunday nite. What can I say, its the Holidays. I always said we could make a movie about my family on the Holidays. Its got all the right characters. Including me.

Have a great one this weekend.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

815am today.
As if my cries for snow were heard, we get a couple inches overnite. I knew it was snowing before I got out of bed cuz I heard a plow drive past the house last nite.
You can imagine the look on my face as I hung out in the HP this morn. You could not smack the smile off my face with a two by four. Although the snow is not deep enuf to groom, its just enuf to give us hope that there will be skiing in the near future.
But wait.
This tree is just out the back door of the store.
Highs next week Monday\Tuesday once again are predicted to hit 40. And sunny. This snow will be short lived. All we can do is enjoy the scenery today (which I will be doing soon on the Pug), take lots of pics (doing that) and pray it happens again soon.
Gonna finish my coffee, suit up and grab the Pug.
I will document the ride with pics.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lets Talk About....

Yesterday. 115pm The pic from the HP this morn is just too depressing.
This is one of those mornings that you cant crawl out of bed. Dark. Gloomy. Rainy. Yup, Dec 21st and its 35 degrees and raining at 9am. The few days here between posts had me out of town for my day job (truck driver) and now Im off of that until after Xmas. Let talk about....

1) SNOW: Or the lack of it. Looks like a green Holiday season. That bums me out. And Im not even taking in consideration the impact to the store. No... just imact on me. Im a big fan of winter. Have been my whole life. As a teenager it was snowmobiles. Then as a father it was sledding with the kids. Today its of course skiing but also bike riding in the stuff. Those who know me well know about my albums of snow pics. Hundreds of them. The sun and white background just makes me feel better. Not dark and drizzly like today. Its a bummer. Green grass on Xmas is just wrong in Wisconsin.

Miss this.  HP file foto
2) HOLIDAYS: I used to love the Holidays back as a kid and once again, a father. Today, I recognize it at best. I still enjoy getting together with family and friends during this time. But I really dont pay much attention to it until the day of. Not a big fan of jumping on the bandwagon just after Thanksgiving. Even still, with xmas just three day away this crappy weather has me still not feeling it. Its will come. Most likely Saturday at some point.

3) HEALTH: This is the time of year that we all put on some weight and I could be the poster boy for that. As much as I have been struggling with my weight (my whole life) there is going to come a time that I just give up. Not sure when, where or how but as I get older I care less and less about it. I have a lot to gain by losing. Health issues I now have will go away or at least get minimized. My riding would improve to the point of not getting dropped so much and that would of course carry over to my racing. I have so much to gain and nothing to lose that you would think its a no brainer and for the most part it is. Its the execution that I fall short with. Next month Im starting a new plan and getting help. Its like nothing I have ever done before. Its expensive and deals more with my head than food. Im going to give it my best shot cuz this might just be the last time I try.....

Today I will try to get out on the bike but only if it stops raining.
And the sun comes out.
Is that too much to ask?


Friday, December 16, 2011

Pug and I.

130pm yesterday. Geese ahead.
Sometimes I think the Pug was built for me exclusively, or at least with me in mind. It has just opened new doors for me. This bike is enabling me to ride down to and in my happy place any time of the year. Its letting ride down the beach on days its when the sand is not even close to being froze. Its like Im cranking out a winter ride anytime. For several years now my favorite ride has been a cross bike down to the park I hang out in (all day) but besides the mix of road and woods you throw in some beach. The Pug makes a great ride even greater. Im hooked.

Rolling in the woods 115pm
Yesterdays ride was about two hours. Theres about 5 miles of road to get to the beach depending on where I want to jump on. In between where I jump on and the park is several miles of woods. Same woods I ride during my cross bike nooners. Same woods we ride in during the Saturday breakfast ride.
Riding down the road is where I get the most stares and questions. People pulling along side and asking what the hell Im riding.  Its about a 25 minute road ride and Im usually talking to people pretty much all the way there.
Then, I'll jump in the woods. Those big tires really smooth out the trails. You roll over stuff you just dont feel at the handlebar.
Then of course, I hit the beach. Thats when the magic happens.
All you hear is waves crashing and yet you consider it quiet. Its such a soothing noise that you dont consider it a noise at all. On wet sand I can ride comfortably at around 10mph. Im alone with my thoughts, happy to be peddling a bike, iPod in my ear(soft), in my HP. It just does not get better for me. I think about stuff. Work stuff. Home stuff. Family stuff. Its times like this I make all my best decisions. I look for the eagles. And pet all the dogs I ride up to that are out with their owners.
Plenty of sand in the HP. 150pm

After about two hours my life's batteries are recharged and I head back to the store. Im always feeling way better than when I left. I like it. I like it a lot.
Im pretty much telling everyone in our group that sooner or later, you will get one. I ride many kinds of bikes. Road, cross, MTB, track and touring. And now Pug(fat tire). Im not going to say which is my favorite, I like them all. But the Pug will see a lot more action than a few of those others. At least during this time of year.
And everyday I hear of another fat tire event. A race, a ride, national fat tire championship?
Even a ski resort offering fat tire rentals.
I can see Rec. areas grooming trails just for fat bikes.
I say bring it on.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

So Far...So Good....Today.

845am Flying away after I bothered him too much.
Always a great way to start my day. Eagle in my HP this morn. In the same tree that I have taken many pictures of them. This pic is from my phone as I left the good camera at home today.
So far this day is looking positive. And I need a positive day.
Of late thing have been on the downside for me and when that happens I just seem to hunker down at wait till it passes. And that where I have been the last few days. Waiting. Laying low.
I have not even been in the store since Monday. Just got here now.
Same tree. 2008
I try not to put a lot of personal stuff on this blog. And I try not to put a lot of store stuff here either. And that really restricts my writing and makes most posts hard to come by. Most likely about my last bike ride, or my next one. I'll get a little personal today.

My last two bike rides were awful. One solo and one not. Its no new story that Im a big guy living in a small guys world. And as hard as I try to fit in with that respect sometimes Im brutally reminded of my body size. It just gets old having to have everyone wait for me on rides. A couple times is OK but when its the entire day one's self worth can take quite a hit. And its also no new news that I sometimes deal with depression. Its comes and go's. 
But sometimes I get hit with a double dose and if I happen to be struggling on the bike at the same  time can be incredibly painful. Ive always dealt with it unmedicated. Back in the day, growing up it was always thought if you took meds for depression you were "nuts" and the medication back in those days was very crude. Ive always dealt with it on my own and now even today when so much advance has been made in that respect I still deal with in my own head. I guess its just the way Im used to doing it. As I get older, its getting harder to do. But, Im still somewhat successful at it still so I let it ride. Moving on.......
 Today is a better day. Sometimes something as small as a perched eagle can bust my out of jail (as I call it) and Im good to go. And that just happened. Done and done.

At the store front, the lack of snow is a concern. Last year at this time we were skiing full on. Last week Saturday it was 9 degrees at ride time. Today is now the 4th day in a row over 40 degrees and that not good. While it may make the riding a bit more pleasurable its not what supposed to happen in Wisconsin in December.
On the bike front Im planning a pug ride in a few hours. Pug is once again needed for the beach as nothing is froze anymore. Im going back out to my HP to look for that eagle again.
That sounds like fun to me.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Update

Weekend Update: Not the best. The prior mentioned beach riding has grinded to a halt. We did get a ride in Saturday. Being that it was 9 degrees at ride time (8am). But as I mentioned last post, you must take advantage of the situation as best you can. 24 hours later it was 45 degrees and just as fast as it came, the beach riding is gone (unless your on a Pug). 

Sunday had me on the MTB back on the trails. Singletrack was still frozen and fast but I struggled to keep up. Not sure why. Just one of those days where I was not at my best as far as performance go's. So I just rode solo. I was a little bummed about it but I cant hold everyone up just cuz Im slow.  We wont get into that here.
Looking forward, no snow in the 10 day forecast and thats not good for the store. I have almost 10k worth of ski's and ski stuff in the store and snow is needed. There's a chance of a green Holiday this year. And its due as we have had really good skiing snow here for 3 or 4 years. I guess a crappy skiing winter is overdue. Several guys in our group have already drove 500 miles north to get on some snow. Here its still dirt and grass.
Well, that will hold the riding over for a while longer.
I guess.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Beach

1035am On the bike. In the HP. Best of both worlds.
By now you might just get tired of me ranting about the beach riding. But right now its the best its ever been in many years. Really. Like 5 or 6 years. Last year at this time we were kicked off it already due to snow and ice. Big winter winds off the lake can have the riding portion of the beach a virtual ice rink. Or big snow can just be too deep to plow thru. Or whatever.
For riding purposes the beach is fickle. The coldest days can have it soft. Or ice formations can blow in and cover the beach and make the riding look like the moon.
But none of that now.
No snow, cold temps, westerly winds have the beach super prime. Rode 22 miles on it this morn. Smooth as glass and hard as a rock. Temps 24 at start and 29 when done. Almost perfect for December. Absolutely perfect for beach riding.
So really, its go time in that respect. The window for this kind of riding is small and can close at any time. If theres anything I do best its take advantage of riding conditions.
Saturdays breakfast ride will be a cold one. Right now looking at 15 degrees at ride time (830am). 
I say bring it on.

Bring me winter in Wisconsin.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Good Day.

810am Frozen beach.
LHT on the beach
Today was one of those rides . I just put the finishing touches on my winter bike and needed to ride it.. Im going to use the LHT (Long Haul Trucker). This bike hits all the criteria for a winter bike. Its technically a tour bike but it uses 26" MTB wheels so you can go fatter than a cross bike. I have 2.0's on it now and that makes it a better beach bike for our group rides this winter. And its got a old, used driveline that still works well. You dont want anything nice on it due to the sand, salt and snow its going to be exposed to. So the beach was froze and today was a good day to test ride.

Those who know me best know Im a little "emo" (If you dont know what that is ask a teenager). Things like lack of sunlight effect me more than others. I just get bummed out quicker this time of year. I felt like that waking up today.
Along lake shore in town
 That is, until I rode my bike.
22 degrees had me suiting up for quite some time. This was my first ride in full "winter " mode. The coldest ride to date for me. I was kinda pumped to go as I knew the beach was frozen from my HP visit this morn. Once I was layered up I grabbed the LHT and had pretty much the best ride in a long time.
I kept thinking of that "Ride Everything" video that was going around facebook and I had a version of that today. 40 minutes of road\40 minutes of woods\40 minutes of beach.
I rode pretty much everywhere.
Had the iPod blasting. Started off with old school Greenday and ending up with Mumford and Sons. Im a pretty diverse person. When alone on the beach I'll sing along a bit. I bet that looks\sounds a bit weird. I look around a lot when I do that so I don't surprised anyone on how much of a dork I really am.
In the woods.
 The woods was awesome. I was loving the wider tires on the LHT. Gives it a slightly better ride in the woods than the 700 by 35's.
But still had me rolling well on the road with 60 pounds of air.

My triple 40 ride ended me with 2 hours of the absolute best therapy I could ask for and what happens the rest of today really does not matter.
During a ride like today I think about how thankful I am for what I have and that Im even able to do this. My mind wanders a ton (except when Im on the road, then I pay attention) when on the beach or woods. I think about family and friends. I think about the store. Its truly an extension of my Happy Place ( which I was in anyway).
On the beach again.

So today is a good day. One of those days where your happy to be alive.
And if that's not enuf there's a nite ride tonite on this very beach.
Gonna ride the Superfly.
Today is a good day.
Did I say that already?


Monday, December 5, 2011


Rentals waiting for snow. Mixed feelings about that.
Now that we just experienced a weekend of 40 degrees and rain Im thinking bout what I said last post. How this is a very crappy time right now. And the crappy weather this weekend amplifies it 10 fold.
This two days of rain should have been snow. Its supposed to be colder than the 43 degrees it was yesterday. Too warm for snow, too warm to freeze the beach. too cold to ride road, too wet to ride woods. So.................
Do I wish the warm weather to continue, giving us a push to keep riding more comfortably, or do I ask the weather Gods to get with the program and send snow, possibly kicking us out of the woods with the bikes, and maybe even the beach.
I would not mind riding the Superfly one or two more times on the trails.
But I do love skiing and cant wait to groom the HP for the first time.
Then again, a nice road ride on the crossbike while the roads are still clear would be good.
But it would be best for the store to get the skiing going........
On the other hand it would be nice to not have to wear $900 of clothes to ride in the cold yet.
And at the same time, am getting pumped to hit all the ski areas again.
But the warmer temps keep the group rides well attended.
Go ahead and get cold and snow... I have a Pug to ride!

So in the end Im torn between full on winter holding off for just a little bit more or hitting ASAP so we can get on with winter.

Final decision.......  long pause.....

I call full on winter hitting ASAP!
Bring it on.


Saturday, December 3, 2011


If Im typing today it cuz its rainy and no ride. Always a bummer to lose 50% of your weekend. And since I have no real life I head to the store to work. 
Steady rain all day so far. I had planned on doing some MTBing tomorrow but thats in jeopardy also.
Theres a fat tire beach race also in the morn. Thats most likely the best chance I have to ride a bike this weekend but its not that important that I have to ride in 35 degree rain.
I'll ride in cold. I'll ride in rain. But I wont ride in cold rain.
The pic above is from the same spot I took it from yesterday. You can only vaguely make out my pug track. With the B ride getting rained out it just reminds me how much this should have been snow. It would have been a good start to some skiing base in the woods. But... we must again wait in limbo. Limbo being no skiing and crappy bike riding.
Its the worst time of year.
I put so much time aside for the fun stuff that when it doesn't happen Im kinda lost and forced to work. Guess I'll just get back to it.
Im bored.


Friday, December 2, 2011

B-Ride Explained

835am Remnants of my ride the other day.
Todays HP visit was a good one. 21 degrees. The beach was as hard as a rock and smooth as a hiway. I wished today was our Saturday breakfast ride as the temps might slowly rise thruout the day and nite. Tonites low only 30 and that might just be too warm for good beach.
But not today.
A little background on this ride.
This Sheboygan area group ride has been going down forever. Way before I started riding which was around 2002. I could not tell you when it started but for sure 20 years ago at least. I remember seeing the group ride by one day when I was in my HP (before it became my HP) with the kids sometime in the mid 90's. Maybe it was 1994. I watched as the group, 20 strong then already, rode past on the beach. Going really fast (or I thought so back then). I know for a fact that some of those guys (and gals) are still attending today.
Its a frozen hiway! The darker sand is rock hard.845am
The ride is purely social and is a no drop ride (dont get me started on this), however, it is a ride for the fit. I have to bring my "A" game to stay in. And I dont think thats a bad thing as I need to get pushed once in a while. But every now and then I leave my "A" game at home for whatever reason and, in time, find myself riding alone. Its kinda a bummer but I try not to let it get to me. But sometimes it does. And life go's on.
Back to the ride: it is what it says. A breakfast ride. It go's on year round. Summer mode has us meeting in a lot a bit west of town on road bikes, winter mode has us meeting in a lot just south of town along the lake on MTB's Same people. Different bikes.
We ride, stop for an hour at a restaurant and eat and be jolly, then suit up once again for the ride home. In winter, the second suit up is painfull. Your clothes are sweaty wet and your belly is full and it cold out. Its a huge motivational issue but you gatta get home so you do it. Less than 10 minutes into the ride home and you feel better.
File foto.  Last January.
Winter mode is by far my fave as its MTB (I usually ride cross tho) and if weather permits, its on the beach. This ride is famous for the beach riding. Hard frozen sand lets us peloton almost 20 mph with the feel of a road ride. On the good days, we hit the beach immediately and ride it about 15 miles before we get off and head inland to the restaurant. Its a blast to ride fast and easy just off the waterline of the lake. A ton of sunshine just adds to it. But the sun ultimately turns out to be the enemy. Hopefully the beach is ridable on the way home too but thats not a sure thing as the sun and temps play a huge role. Only on the coldest days can we ride it home closer to noon. There is a lot of variables that go into a good beach ride. And its not always available to ride. Even in the coldest day in January. Sometimes too much snow kicks us off. Or in the coldest of cold the ice formations move inland and make it unridable. 
The absolute best beach riding is early, like right now. In November\early Dec.  Cold temps and no snow. So its game on right now. This morning the beach was hard enuf to ride a cross bike on. No Pugsley needed. Ride totals are about 3.5 hours of ride time and about 35 to 40 miles.
So this is where I will be Saturday morns for awhile. And a few weekday mornings too. Also we have a nite ride Tues nites. Also on the beach if available. Riding the beach at nite lights out during a full moon is something that cant be described. Near religious.

You should join us. Do it for real.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Pug Ride

9am (yesterday) 27 degrees
Thx to Mike J for taking the pic.
Yesterday I took yet another beach ride on the Pug. Thats like 3 of these rides since the one on Sunday. This is getting to be a fave ride of mine. This summer it was the cross bike nooner but this winter might be the same concept but on this bike. and instead of woods its beach. From the store its about a two hour ride, maybe a bit less to reach the HP (and back) on the Pug. On this ride the beach was kinda froze but not all the way, I real problem if I had the MTB (or worse, the cross) but no worries with Pug. But the firmer sand had me rolling pretty good. Way fun.
Ran into Mike J checking out the beach on his MTB. It was a no go for him. But it was game on for me.
I explained to him that he's most likely getting one of these bikes at some point. Why wait?
As I mentioned prior, the group has now another fattie. And I just sold another today. Thats three now in town (that I know of). Game on.
This bike will not work on the Saturday morn ride even tho we ride the beach when froze. Its just too slow for all the testosterone roadies in the group. Once the beach is rock hard we peloton at about 20mph for 15 miles. Not gonna happen on a pug.
But for my most loved nooners this is the ticket.
Get one. Join me.