Monday, November 28, 2011

Pug Ride

Mukluk and Pug
So my extended weekend went pretty much as I expected. Spent Friday and Saturday on the couch. Just felt like crap. Really, when this hits me all I can do is sit indoors and wait. And I dont do well indoors and I have no patience for waiting. Sunday I woke a bit better so I called Steve D (who is nursing bad ribs) and we grabbed the fat bikes for a super slow ride. 
It was nice to get out of the house after 3 days of solitary confinement. And while I did not have the energy to ride with the group yet, I did feel good enuf to crush a guy with broken ribs.
It was a nice ride of beach and woods. I love riding the Pug. Its meant to be ridden slow. And I sure can accommodate that. 
Im confident that Im on my way out of this cold\flu thing and I should be ready to rumble in a few days. But for the rest of the afternoon its back on the couch.

And was happy to break up my couch time with some Pug time. I laid the bike down to take a pic and a huge wave starting dragging it out. I saved it from a sure drowning death.
And I would do it again if I had to.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Today is one of those days you hate to miss. A day after Thanksgiving and its going to be sunny and over 50 degrees. And Im on the inside, looking out.
Im just too sick to ride, feeling wrung out before I even start a ride spells disaster for me. For me, I need to bring my "A" game to these things or Im riding mostly alone. Let alone when Im sick.

Leaving the HP this morn I past the group I was planning to ride with, about 15 strong, and just felt more pissed off than anything. Of all the times to get sick why this weekend? Temp are to plummet in a few days and this could be the last of the sunny warm days. And Im on the outs.

Feeling sorry for myself is a past time of mine. I take it to new levels of which most have never seen before. And while I dont pout too much in public I do quite a bit. In my HP, for example. I pout there a lot and maybe thats why I go there so much, to get in out of my system before I start my day. But I dont do that everyday. Just more than I would want to.
So here I am once again at the store waiting to open it. Thinking I would rather be riding with the group. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

T- Day

Run for your life....
A rare Turkey day post. I had about an hour of spare time before I leave out of town to visit family so I thought I would spend it at the store.

And at the HP too. With the weather still fairly mild and the next two days looking especially good I was prepared to lay down some saddle time this holiday.  And I did get off to a good start yesterday as I took the MTB over to the kettles of New Fane.

Only I forgot that the annual Wisco deer hunt is on and the public is allowed to hunt on State land. While the trails were not closed, its not a good idea to ride then right now. But I made the drive over and decided to go. Shots ringing out in all directions. I literally rode past hunters that were sitting on the trail (not sure if thats legal) and I sure got some dirty looks as I rode by. But its still called a recreational area so they gatta expect that. They gatta share the land. I guess. There was one round of 5 or 6 shots that was less than 100 yards from me. Thats when I pulled the plug and got the hell out of there. Not the smartest thing I have done but not the dumbest either. I did get in almost 2 hours tho... totally worth it.

However my long weekend might be in jeopardy as I woke up today with one of my famous cold\flu thingies starting up. Running a fever and feeling really bad. If history proves I will be off the bike for a few days and that just might be the entire weekend. Bummer.

So had a great turkey day and get out side and ride, or run or whatever it is you do.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Breakfast Ride

Had a addition to our line of bikes when we got out....
Saturday was another B ride for me. This is a pure social ride. Im a social guy. While the tempo does kick up a few times the group does wait every so often. Right now cross bikes rule as its 80% road until the beach freezes. Then Im looking for bigger tires to hold me up. And yes, the Pug is overkill. One needs to be able to peloton at 20mph now and then on these rides.... The main component of this ride is the stop to eat about halfway thru. Im an oatmeal kinda guy. We stop at the same place every week as they expect us and have the tables ready when we arrive. We are stopping at a new place thats perfectly about 3\4 thru the ride.

Stopping in the cold, eating, then putting on all the wet, cold stuff to ride the rest of the way home is kinda a bummer but its totally worth it. I bring extra head gear and put the dry stuff on to head back.
All in all a 3.5 hour ride for me from the store. Complete with intervals.
Just what I need.....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Seem like getting a Pug or equivalent is the cool thing to do now. This bikes popularity is growing 5 fold every year. I tried to order one last winter and was denied. This summer I did the smart thing and ordered one in July and got it in a week. I haven't rode it too much. Maybe four times.
All on the beach. Its fun.
You know Im all over having another way to ride a bike. This winter Im going to call out a ride on our WORS course in Jan. Also plan on hitting some snowmobile trails this winter. 
I put the bike in the window and it really draws people in.
My buddy Steve D just got a Mukluk so now there are two in town.
Need more. 
I love taking this thing down to the HP and bombing the beach. Although soon it will be froze and the 3.8 inch tire will not be needed. But its still fun.
Here is a site I visit a lot. 
I have even been seen in a few pics there....
Im famous like that.
Hoping to get in a bunch of riding this weekend.. Hope you do too!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One of the things I never mention much is the deer population in my Happy Place. Huge numbers. In fact I cant remember the last time I didnt see one there. Thats one just standing there looking at me. Camera phone pic. 
And soon the numbers will swell due to the impending hunt. The smart deer congregate in the park and laugh at the hunters who cant shoot then there. But the smart hunters lay low around the perimeter of the park and wait for them to walk in. I still hear a lot of gunshots just outside.
Yesterday I grabbed Pinky for a hour and a half ride, then was going to prep for the MTB nite ride. It just so happened the my cross bike ride turned out to be near 4 hours and I had not eaten before I left and had no food (or money) with me. 50 + miles later and with most had me working hard into a huge headwind, I returned a broken man and had to ditch the nite ride as I was wasted.
No regrets tho. It was a beautiful day besides the wind. I just could not stop riding. At least mentally, physically I needed to stop riding long before I got back. 
Good thing the wind was to my back on the way home as the lack of food had me bonking to the tune of a mild nuclear explosion. I made it back limping.
The weather is going to turn cold(er) and tonites low is predicted around 21 degrees. That means frozen beach? Im gonna check it on the morn. Warmer temps will keep us off again over the weekend but its coming. I can feel it.
Better get to the basement to find more winter clothes. (Amfib)

Rides will be full winter mode soon.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Im starting to get a handle on my fall\winter schedule. I can tell cuz Im on the bike more. Between Fri\Sat\Sun I achieved almost 8 hours of saddle time. Today, Im suiting up for two more in a bit. 
Totally feeling better.
Sunday had a bunch of us on the New Fane trails. Love them.
Its been almost a month since I have been on the MTB and I again wondered why while out in the woods. While my cross rides do take on in the woods its just not the same as a MTB. And as much as I love cross bikes I gatta say there is no comparison. Bottom line is I need to do that more before the snow flies.
In fact, after my 2 hour cross ride this morn, Im gearing up for the first of several Tuesday nite rides the group does. Once winter sets in we hope to get on the beach. A beach ride at nite is indescribable. You just have to do one. A lites out beach ride under a full moon is near religious.
Things to look forward to.
So today I have a shot at about 4 hours in the saddle with two bikes.
I would have to say it just might be a good day.
Bring it on.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Return To Breakfast Ride

835am Saturday
For years I never missed a Saturday breakfast ride. Years.

Then came my desition to go full time in the store and that went out the window. Now I once again work outside the store and once again now have the time to ride on Saturday. The group ride is now in "winter mode" and thats my fav. Its MTB's. Its go's right thru my HP. Right now its a little woods and a lot of road but that will change as the temps drop and we end up on the frozen beach of Lake Michigan. 
The first beach ride of the season is awusome. Everyones smiling and lauphing. And its only a few weeks away. The groups then swells to over 20 riders (we had 22 Saturday) and a 20mph peloton down a frozen beach just two feet away from waters edge is just about as much fun you can have on two wheels. No fat tire Pug needed. In fact, I weight 250 pounds and Im on 35c cross tires.
The sand is that hard. And fast. Hope its soon.

But Saturday was a good ride. Its always a little more than 3 hours ride time and a stop for breakfast inbetween. I know some do not like stopping like that in the middle of a hard ride but this is tradition. Ive been riding just about 10 years and this ride has been going on way longer than that. And with me on a cross bike (what else?) and most on MTB's keeps me in the game on the road. Heck, I even pull a little now and then.

The great weather had me outside all day Saturday. Hope you got some of that too.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Not sure how many pics Ive taken here. Hundreds for sure. At this point its almost habit. Many times I was going to get a album together of all the various pics I took. All taken within 50 yards of each other. You would be surprised at the diversity.
It was in the upper 20's here today but the sun blasted that away quickly. Even on the coldest day I will sit here in the sun, look up and recharge. For me. its a necessity.

I gatta work the store later today, I always close Fridays so everyone else does not have to. Im a good boss in that respect. But then while they get pumped about not working late, I get pumped about not working early. Cuz that has bike ride spelled all over it.
Gonna grab Pinky and put on a few miles today. Or.... maybe grab the MTB. I have not decided but its been a month since I rode the MTB. Its been all cross or road for the last several weeks. I will decide before I finish this.
While I have been a huge advocate of cross bikes and racing, Im starting to get a little burned out. So many local races. Some weeks a double header. Throw in my day job during the week and Im pretty much done with cross dominating my weekends (and weekdays). 
Now I will just focus on my riding and having fun. Most Saturdays will have me on the group ride in the morn. Sundays will be open to ride too. With my limited time during the week I need to leave the weekends open or I will get no DANO time at all. And that would make me a dull boy in a hurry. For real.
Arriving daily
So... its going to be MTB today. I need to ride that new Superfly a couple of time yet before the snow is too deep in the woods.
Speaking of.....
I have been once again appointed the official ski trail groomer of my Happy Place this winter. I cant wait to get out and lay down some tracks. This week the store get a make over into "winter mode" with ski stuff arriving daily.
I love snow. Bring it on.
Speaking of.....
I cant believe how many people facebook on how they hate the snow. Really? You live in Wisco and hate snow? You must live a miserable life. Dress warmer and embrace it.
Use it for fun. 
Do that for real. Or move.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another huge gap in posts.
With me going back to my day job I just cant get a handle on my life's schedule. It needs tweeking for sure and soon. Its Wednesday morn and this is the first time Im in the store since Saturday and Im not liking that at all. I hate not being involved in the day to day here and its hard to grasp what I need to do when my time in the store is so limited. 

With the seasonal slowdown I thought working out of the store would be a breeze but issues have come up to at least make me re think that decision. No sir, I dont like it. As I sit here in the dark (exept for a small desk lite)  Its not just the time spent here to make sure thing go well, its also the better nites sleep knowing that is happening. Once again another decision to ponder......

Todays HP visit was the first in a while and it cant be crappier out. Rain and wind has the beach's water line pushed way up. And today was the first day I was there alone. Completely. No campers, visitors or rangers. I was the only one in the park and that will happen more as it gets colder. Actually, I look kinda forward to those kind of visits. I have spent many a morning there during below zero temps alone.  The HP is like a cross race. It go's down rain or shine. Warm or cold. Soon I hope to out there grooming the ski trails. Some snow is in the forecast so its just a matter of time. Think snow.

I hope to get back into a rhythm here, give me a week or two to figure it out.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Slowly my life is getting back to semi normal. I ended the 12 day bike ride draught yesterday with a nice easy ride thru the HP. Again, had my coffee there also this morn. The sun was out and warming. Which was a good thing as it was 27 degrees.
Lets try and back up a little.
Sunday was my cross race and now thats its almost a week old seems weird to me to type about it now. Im glad I did it. It was hard in several ways as it was my first time at it. All in all it went well. Had a great bunch of guys and gals helping and could not have done it without. And now I know the few areas that need improvement and next year should be way easier to do. It did rain late in the day buy by then we only had the Cat 1\2 Pros to go. I was so busy I didn't get to take any pics. If someone has a few please pass them on to me... As far as bike count I was a little disappointed but probably would have been with any number. 108 bikes. I think it would have been better if my race was not the second of a double header weekend. I will look for a better date in the series next year.
Then as I mentioned before...
I had some work to do out of the store and it was a full week. I only got to stop in the store a few hours all week. All the race stuff, paperwork, etc, is still in a pile in my office yet today. I do get the entire day here to sort it all out. My desk is piled full. Not until after a bike ride tho... I do have priority's.
yesterday with pinky
I finally got out for a ride. The first in 12 days. I could definitely feel the lack of and pretty much soft peddled for two hours. But it was a good ride with an old bike. Pinky is back in biz and am looking forward to all the winter rides she will provide. I will ride some of the demo bikes once or twice yet and then put them away for the winter (and to sell). Then its all Pinky till Spring.
Will be a road ride on the Cronus. With road tires on. Im looking for at least another two hours and tomorrow I plan on doing the Saturday group ride with the guys so that will be another 3.5 hours. It all should come back to me quickly. And I hope to get back to a little normalcy in my life. Not that anything in my life is normal.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Way Too Long

File foto
Its been way too long. In many ways. Too long between posts. To long between rides. Too long between HP visits.  With cross race prep last week I was booked solid. The race weekend comes and go's And no more that hours after the race I had to jump into a truck and do my day job. 
I will elaborate about race day as soon as I get some time and thats looking like I might be able to take a breath (and a ride) on Thursday. I haven't even been to the store since Sunday after the race when I just threw everything in the back door and left for work.
I did not ride a bike for 10 days now.
I have not been to the HP for 8 days.
I hope to get things back on track soon.
Talk later.