Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Happy Place is not just lakefront. Its full of very cool things like huge sand dunes. They have board walks set up in here and I use them a lot. Really, my walks out here are divided up between the dunes and the beach. Again, cant think of a better way to start my day. 
The next two days will be a whirl wind for me with the cross race on Sunday.
So much to do so little time.
Almost full on attention. 
I cant even type straight right now. 
I'll need a couple bike rides in the next two days to calm me.
Cross bike at noon today.
I have yet to start to assemble my Madone. Its still in the box.
Thats how busy and focused I am.
Cross bike at noon today.
Tomorrows post (if any) will have me just babbling and drooling.
Not waiting till noon. Cross bike in 45 minutes.
The woods is calling me.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today started out as any other normal day. Rainy and cold. Small HP visit and then to the store for work. These days the store is a little boring as this is the slowest time of the year. Biking has slowed and its too early for skiing. So days are long right now here and I was gearing up for a dull day.

Then.... BAM!
My 2012 Madone 6.5 shows up over a month early. Holy crap!
All of a sudden today is a good day.
Its the exact same frame as last years. Same color combo but different design. Things not the same is the driveline. Ultegra Di is now affordable to most of us and I cant wait to ride it.
Also wheels. Signing a deal with Easton to provide quality wheels and will have a set on both this Madone and my Superfly. Carbon of course.
So I will stop with the advertising here cuz I always try to not sound that way on my blog but I cant help it when I get a pleasant surprise such as this.

Moving on would be talking about my cross race Sunday which I am up to my armpits in today. Four days and counting. I think Im a little nervous but should not be....


Monday, October 24, 2011


This weekend I got Pinky out of the basement. This bike has been with me thru thick and thin and is one of the few bikes I own. As Fall comes to a close I start selling off all my demo bikes one by one. And when their all gone Pinky is waiting in the wings to carry me thru the winter. She gets abused. Our winter beach rides chew up the driveline so every year its something different. Last year it was one by nine. This year its one by 10. Upgrade to 105 shifters. And Dura ace cassette. Just happened to be stuff laying around.
Running Kenda small block for tires since our winter group rides are mostly road right now anyway.
Had a good weekend. Saturday had me out to the cross race in Milwaukee taking in the festivities but mostly watching and learning for my race this Sunday. Crazy how its only one week away. This upcoming week will have me putting time in for prep. This will consume me this week.

Sunday I blasted about an hour and a half in the woods on the Superfly. Nothing too fast as I was mostly scanning and planning the cross course with Steve D. Afterwards I hit the store for some paperwork but ended up grabbing the Cronus for a 30 mile road ride. That bike is close to sold so one more ride and Im now off it for good.
Today the HP visit was nice. Cool but sunny makes a great time out there. With me starting to work out of the store soon will limit my HP visits. So I savor everyone that I can get.
I still visit all winter of course. Below zero days no problem.
Today tho is sunny and almost 60 so its gonna be a nooner bike ride for me. On Pinky.

Little woods, little road, little (more)HP.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Just a bit of a gloomy day. This morn I headed into my basement and went thru all my cold weather clothing. Some I could not find. A few articles I forgot I had. Im gonna ride today.
Yesterday I put in over 12 hours of work so I could take it easy in that respect today.

I am getting ready for winter. My trusty winter steed, Pinky, has been pulled from the basement once again to be resurrected for crappy weather riding. This years version is a 1x10 complete with new 105 levers and Dura ace rear derailer (I know thats not how thats spelled) and cassette.

And then I will stop riding my Superfly and Cronus, and its all pinky till spring. Gatta sell those bikes anyway. Next week I will set up a post about Pinky. This is one of the only bikes I own and has been in many configurations. Winter bike, cross race bike, touring bike. Its the bike I used to tour back in 2008.

Its been with me thru good times and bad and I would never sell it. really, its not worth much money anyway. But is like gold in memories. 

Waiting about an hour to see if it will get past 45 degrees, than will pick thru my clothing and go for a ride. 2 hour solo for today. Then.....

Will be working on my cross race that's just about a week away. Goona make some barriers today. How fun is that....!  Also planning on attending a few cross races this weekend.....

As long as it does not interfere with my riding...... that comes first this time of year. This is the time of year I try to fight off weight gain. As mammals we go into a pre winter weight gain program. I do my best to fight it and a step up in riding helps. But its hard to do when that first blast of fall temps hit. Less sunlite has me easily depressed and that does not fair well with my eating habits either.

My only defense is ride more. So I try to do just that. In fact Im going to do just that right now.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Its a bit tough to see but those are about a million geese coming over the lake. Had to use super telephoto on camera to get this. They were far away.
While the trees still have leaves on, the geese always tell me (not literally) that fall is coming to a close soon. Days like today always bum me out.
Cold and rainy. Dark and gloomy.
While Fall will be my bestest time of year it does not come without some bummers. Soon I will have to leave the store full time and work outside of it. Being a truck driver by trade. Ive been here full time since March 1st and in two weeks I will no longer pull my salary out of the store, keeping one full time employee. Dont get me wrong, the store is fine but when it slows one need to make adjustments and quickly to avoid any problems. I knew this day was coming all summer.

Not geese.
I'll still be around tho..... just not paid. At least not in a salary..... I will still be reaping all the benies of owning a store and I hope that March 1st will come around pretty quick.
But not until we sell a ton of skiis first.

So today as I sit here in my office in the dark store my thoughts are a bit on the sad side. Being diagnosed as a "emo" I tend to have days like this but I dont talk about it as much anymore. In the past I got a bit too personal here and it got me in trouble several times.

Its hard to believe I have been doing this blog in several different forms since 2004. Back when blogs exploded on the scene and everyone had one. Now...the blogs heyday has come and gone and the only ones left are the people who can really write and the weirdos like me. 
There are a million blogs like mine. Telling everyone what they did last weekend. Thing is, it was the same thing they did for the last 100 weekends. I talk about my Happy Place a lot. Almost everyday. That because Im there almost everyday. Its a big part of who I am. 
I would compare my HP to a blog of a pro bike racer that explains in detail how their race went. But really, if you put them all together would sound the same. Just a different day.
I really dont write this blog to be read. I only have about 50 to 60 who do (who are you guys?), and out of those only about 20 are still reading this now.  Average blog visit is about a minute and a half.
I write this blog cuz I like to do it. Sometimes its just a bit of therapy to put your thought into words even tho you cant lay it all out.( I keep a private blog as a diary, you should read that thing!) 
I'll stop here cuz Im goona start doing store stuff, and I am going to see how much clothing I have with me in the store today and ride in the wet and cold. Not long. Just a little.

If your still here thanks for listening. Even tho I say I dont care I do a little.



Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend of Firsts

A Motley Crew. Sunday @ 1130am
Sunday had me attending my first organized Pug ride. These guys and gals have been doing this right in my HP for some time now. I insisted they let me in the exclusive fat tire club. After much debate they decided to include me in all their Reindeer games. 

Fat tire bikes are still in the cult stage but really you all need to get one. Its once again, just another way to ride a bike. Once accepted in, I was just like one of the guys(or gals some would say) and I had a great time. 
We rode the very same beach that we ride in winter, only it wasn't winter. The bikes really do ride well on the wet sand. And pretty good on dryer sand too. 
This group does have a leader. They call him Gomez (which is short for Gary). He organises all this stuff. He's the guy on the way left. Notice Im on the way right cuz he scared me a little at first. But once you get to know him its safe.
My first pug group ride was a good one and there's more coming this winter. Participation is highly suggested. Get your self a fat tire bike. I insist.
845am. Remnants of yesterday.
Saturday had me attending my first Beechwood Blaster. A low key race put on by low key guys in a low key setting. The only thing not low key was the course. High key climbing with high key difficulty. I had a blast riding it but did not do well racing it. A DNF for me. Actually, I just stopped racing it and started riding. It was more fun for me that way.
Great time with some good people.

This morns HP visit was sunny and that always go's well with my coffee. Still could see our pug tracks in the sand from yesterday. Im planning a ride at some point today but the wind is telling me to stay in the woods. Thats not a bad idea since I have a new MTB. On my way out of the HP I spied a freighter out on the lake. Every year about this time they travel closer to shore for safety and you can see them almost everyday. During the summer they stay in the middle of the lake and you never see them.

So I had a great weekend and now its back to work.
Son on a..........

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not today. Last week.
Today ends the stretch of 11 days of sun we had. Its drizzling. After a spell of weather like we just had its tough to complain. But I do.....  and will.

Out with the old, in with the new.
Had my first shake down on the new Superfly. For the most part I cant say its better than last years but in time I should know more.

There are many differences tho....  from a Fox fork to a Sid. I never got along with Sids. But its been 5 years since I had one so Im open minded. 2 hours on the trail last nite and it was so far so good. The bike is lighter. In the 22 pound range which is extraordinary for a 29er. Carbon wheels will enhance that. 

One thing that all you high end riders will experience is the 15mm front skewer. Closed dropouts (actually no dropouts). This is the future so you better embrace it. Its coming across the board soon. You will need all new wheels (hubs) and adapters for your fork clamp roof rack. Its seems to work great as far as wheel on-wheel off. 
Other stuff is the carbon seat rails and XX instead of XO.
Gonna give it a go again Saturday morn. Hope the rain stops.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sundays Race - Tuesdays Bike

Sundays race went well for me. I didn't fall, didn't take last and past a few bikes on the last lap. I know I always say this but I wish I was as much a Clyde as the winner. But 200 plus is 200 plus. And as far as my age category (40+) I am the oldest at 51. So Im happy to be on the podium being the oldest and biggest of the Clydes.  In fact Im thinking of getting a series number next year and doing a few more races. I used to do them all back in 2002 to 2004. But got burned out and cut way back. Some years doing none. Then it seems 3 or 4 a year was good for me. So who knows.... maybe I'll get the store more involved next year.
2012 Superfly Pro Im hooked up!

So as I mentioned, I sold my Superfly Sunday. As a store owner I was once told to never fall in love with the product. Well I did with that Superfly. The 29in wheel works with me. But alas, I put it for sale Sunday after my race and it was sold in two hours. Demo price.
So after the dude picked it up, carbon wheels and all on Monday, I called down to Waterloo,WI to see what my options are.
I told the guys that I sold my demo and that I had the Beachwood Blaster on my schedule this Saturday and I was bikeless!

I even tried to make it sound like I was crying a little on the phone. Well, less that 19 hours from the call this 2012 Superfly Pro shows up in the store unannounced. Thanks guys!  I hugged the UPS guy and scared him a little but I think he will be OK. People ask me why I sell Trek. Of course their a good bike but there is lots of good bikes available. Its because their service and dedication to their dealers is unmatched in the industry. Absolutely unmatched.
So Im back in biz and am walking out the door for a shake down as I type.

Its going to be a good day.


Monday, October 10, 2011


Selling stuff....... workin' it.
No post since last Thursday means I was crazy busy. As I type this morn I am wasted. I cant think straight or walk straight. I cant even type straight. Not that its a bad thing. Actually good.
This was of course our race weekend in town. And its just a crazy time for me. With arranging all the store stuff to vend there, I try to help with the race as much as I can although its nothing near what I did in the past and sometimes I feel bad about not being able to help as much as I think I should. But I do my best. Thanks to my wife and kids for helping with the tents so I am was able to race.
The store did well Sunday. Tshirts, glasses, socks, hats and even 2 bikes went out the door. 
And I have mixed feelings about that.
I sold my Superfly demo.......
Not that thats a bad thing, just bad timing as the best MTB weather is upon us and I loved that bike. It was by far the best MTB I ever rode and I was hoping to hold on to it for another month but when the demo sells it sells. Sure, I will order a new one but getting a bike under the demo program take a bit more than just ordering it. It will be a month before I get a new one. Thats in November.
And strange as it sounds I do not have another MTB to ride right now. I will not grab one off the floor to ride for just a few weeks. So I hope I do not miss out on too many MTB rides.
All I have left is the cross bikes... which will be sold soon also.
So now my Madone and my Superfly is gone. Both bikes were the best I have rode in my life. As I sat in my HP this morn I was thinking on how fast this summer is winding down. The trees are at peak this week. Leaves are falling. Really, our MTB race is kinda like the official end of summer for me.
By the way, I had a good race yesterday too but I'll save that for tomorrows post.
Have a good Monday.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Very Tired

In the past I always have taken a little pride on how all my pics were taken with a cheap Walmart camera. Of late I have one up'd that and have been using my phone. Todays HP visit was again short due to my large amount of stuff to do at the store since I ditched it most of yesterday.
Pretty full lot of MTB'er for 4pm on a Wednesday

Yesterdays riding was off the hook starting with a two hour session at Evergreen from about 10 to noon. Then.....
Another quick cross ride out to the HP (again) but was mostly road.Then....
Back out to Evergreen at 4pm for another 2 plus hour ride.
Total ride time yesterday was 6 hours 49 minutes. 3 shammys and 2 bikes.
Needless to say I am moving a bit slow this morn.
The huge amount of other riders at the park kept me rolling. Since most of my riding is solo it was cool to ride with so many different people yesterday. Being the social butterfly I am I was hopping from group to group all day long. At times there must have been 50 riders in the park. And pretty much all day long. I guess I only stopped cuz it got dark and I had no lights with me.

Today I will cut back to 2 hours of ride time as I need to prepare the store for the weekend. Lots to do and plan.
Decisions like what product to take? How many bikes? Tents, tables and chairs.
More than likely several trips of stuff starting Saturday around noon. Sunday its gonna be out to the park at 6am to set up. Its always an exhausting weekend.
And I'm planning on racing too....
I think I need a few days off after this weekend.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall is in full swing and its game on as to who can get the most riding in till the leaves fall and I intend to win. Yesterday had me rockin' the Greenbush trails, then crusin' the Evergreen trails. Total 3.5 hours.
I had planned on a cross ride after but ran out of time. This time of year I travel with no less than two bikes and four full kits in the car. For real. I also have a road wheelset fore the cross bike if needed. Im prepared to do Oct right.

This is how I roll this time of year.
The Greenbush trails were not the best. Many fallen trees had me off the bike quite a bit. Along with a lot of sticks that were just asking to jump up in my spokes and driveline. And I went down pretty hard. Along with two saves. While the trail is fun to ride, its not my fav. Just way too many rocks have popped out in the trail. Its white knuckle all the way. Especially with the leaves down. You get your bar yanked out of your hand many times.....
But then......
I hit Evergreen, our local race trail, and it was in just about the best shape I have ever seen it. Smooth and very fast.
Only problem here is that Ive been around them about 1000 times in the last few years so I guess Im spoiled a bit, but its just same ol' here. But again, in great shape! Should be a very fast race Sunday.

One of the bummer's of having some extra time in Oct is the fact that nobody else does. Im pretty much alone in my adventures during the week, with the weekend usually filled with race or races.
Speaking of.... the Sheboygan WORS is this weekend (I'll mention that a lot in the next few days) and its the biggest for me in the vending dept. I will have a lot out there. Bikes, clothing etc... And its going to be about three days work for me.
I usually do not get to race but this year I will have a lot of help there so I plan on it....
Its going to be the best weekend ever!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Day Planned.

I know I say this too much but Im still amazed on how many pictures I can get from one spot. 
Todays HP visit was brief cuz I have a big day planned on the bike (bikes).

Saw this on way to HP. Very impressive job!
In just a few minutes I'm on my way to Greenbush for a big lap around there, then on the way home I'll hit up out local Evergreen trails cuz the race is this Sunday and there's always someone out there riding.
Then I think I'll hit the store and grab the cross bike for a tool around also.

I need to take advantage of this beautiful fall weather and I fully intend to do so.

Tomorrow too.

Join me and lets do it for real!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Sun and Coffee

This mornings visit was awesome cuz of the sun. Even if its a chilly morn the sun offsets that and you can sit out in a tshirt when its in the low 40's. 
Just another reason to love the HP.
Starting ones day with sun and coffee is just about the best way I can think of.
Better than sex.
I had some good riding this weekend. Saturday had me out on another cross bike ride.
Over the river and thru the woods. Since Im not racing I'll rock my Eastons with tufo tubulars cuz I would have no other reason to ride them.
A bit over two hours solo.

After going to see The Lion King in 3D (I love that movie) Saturday nite I woke Sunday to a MTB ride at our local park. Almost 20 riders strong in the woods. Another 2 hours and then it was a quick trip to the cross race in Kewaskum. Stayed long enought to have a beer and watch two catagorys but the Packers were on a 3 so I cut out before the 1\2's pushed off.
Its that time of year for our yearly MTB race. Its coming up this Sunday so this week its not all about cross or cross bikes as my attention will turn to all MTBing.

Im not as involved with the race itself anymore. I help as much as I can but not its all store oriented stuff. Will have a couple tents out with stuff to sell. Maybe 8 to 10 bikes. While vending takes up a lot of my time I will try to race also. All depends on who I have to watch the tent at that time. If I cant its no big deal as technically Im working anyway.
Saturdays ride.
I see the weather is going to be awusome for the next week. That means game on right now. Will be planning out some MTB rides at several locations this week.
Gonna do it for real.
Hope you can take advantage. Play hooky from work, thats what I do....