Friday, September 2, 2011

Pending Long Weekend.

815am Actual HP. I was not alone. Dude on a sailboat drifted past.

Yesterdays ride took me a few miles south of my Happy Place. While my true HP is a specific stretch of beach, I do enjoy the scenery at any point. The winter rides will have us riding past this point on the frozen sand. Yeah..... that time is not so far away.
I did stop at the true HP of course. Saw a pair of otters there for the first time. I get pumped when I see a new thing at the HP. It makes my week.

My last post was a little personal and I dont do that much anymore. I found that one should not show one's true feelings on a public forum the hard way. And Im surprised that no one commented on any of my statements good or bad. 

But last nite one of my past customers stopped in and thanked me for that post. Im not sure how she even got it. She just started riding after 12 years, has a comfort bike, and like me, is overweight.
She thanked me for the post.
And if she was the only one who read it, thats OK by me. Its stuff like that that makes my day. Getting a entire familey out on a bike is just about the best feeling I can get in the store.
Really, its why I do this for a living.

Moving on, tomorrow the group is planning a near century for the Saturday ride. And I will think about joining. But 1: they are starting at 7am and I would need to roll out of bed by six, and 2: I need to be back at store not much later than noon. So if by chance I do get out of bed, I might have to skip breakfast and roll back solo.
So thats not a for sure deal.
Sunday will have me rolling with the same peeps but at a very social pace. That will be a nice ride. I'll acually be able to talk on thqt ride.
And Monday Im sure I will ride a bike at some point so the long weekend looks good.
Looking forward to it.



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