Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Time to Shine!

Todays HP visit was a nice one. Had the heater on during the drive over. It was a bit on the cool side but was warm on the beach when in the sun. I have a lot to think about today being the day after Labor Day. With the kids in school and most vacationing done the store will see a bit of a slowdown. So that means time to cut hours and staff. The formula here is better too early than too late.
So its business stuff that fill my brain today. Both at the HP and during my ride later. 
This is my favorite time of year and you will hear me say that a thousand times in the coming months. And for several reasons. The weather cools off and thats not so much for me as I do not mind some heat but it sure is comfortable. A\C is off at the store.
But really I wait for the trees to turn and then its game on. Do as much as I can with what summer there is left. Good thing the store does slow as I will be ditching it quite a bit. My riding actually increases when the store slows. I put in a few more hours at the store in the summer and do lose out on a few rides but now its my time to shine. There will be a time where I will go back to my real job for the winter, driving a truck now and then but its now that I act on goofing off for awhile. At least two months worth of foolishness.
The store will be busy enough for me to stay but still can be handled with one employee.
So Sept and Oct is go time for me and I plan on taking full advantage.
Another short tour in three weeks, a couple century's in two weeks, Crossvegas in one week.
And rides everyday this week. Some are road trips!
Putting in 10 hours a day at the store and saving my money during the summer is coming to fruition and I totally pumped for the next two months. Pending cross season is a plus.

Join me.


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