Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hiatus\Cross stuff.

Todays HP was a very long visit. The sun was just so strong on the beach.

I was just thinking about my planned hiatus the next few months and what can I do with it.
Today I am going for a bike ride. 

Later then I will cut my grass.

I do need to get to the store to put in a late season bike order that should last me till December, pretty much two of everything. That will be about an hour.

Last nite was the first Wednesday MTB ride that Im trying to bring back from the dead. 8 showed up and fun was had by all. The trails are really in good shape due to the Xterra tri their a week ago. Im feeling pretty good on the MTB and will maybe consider another race or two before its all said and done. Especially with the next two months open for a little training and weight loss (with the latter going pretty good but wont say to much to jinx it).

And I met with a USAC guy yesterday and went over my cross course for approval. Theres a lot of red tape with a cross race. Twice as much as a WORS race. Between getting USA cycling permits, course approval and club registration could be a bit too much. But I spent the last few days getting it done all at once and its over. Im good to go.

Ive must admit Im a little bit bummed by the lack of interest in the clinic\demo scene. But thats OK as I always think big and work down form there. really, the cross scene is pretty much south of me. In the bigger city's. Milwaukee and Madison have a ton of races to choose from.  I most likely will put the demos for sale before the WCA season starts and that contradicts what I was planning but I do need to sell the bikes. I'll pull back on the reigns in regards to that stuff but will take what I learned and apply it to next year.

I still believe in cross. I still love cross bikes. Im gonna ride one today.


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