Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Another Friday

Its just another Friday. When you dont have a real work week Fridays are just another day. And with all employees out of town this weekend (all planned) I will be covering the store alone tomorrow all day. I dont mind. Makes me feel a bit less guilty about goofing off all week.

Rode over 3 hours yesterday. One the road. Big winds. Rode 20 miles back in a head wind that held me to about 9mph. As usual I forgot to eat and I suffered the rest of the day.

Today its MTB again. Maybe 2 hours. With working on Saturday Im thinking of hitting up another WORS race. This one has climbing for real and I would not do quite as well. I almost never go to a MTB race on a ski hill. But I must be feeling better on the bike if Im even considering it. Will be a last minute thing Saturday nite.

I just got an email from one of my west coast Trek buddy's this morn that there's a Cross Clydesdale National in Bend, OR. Now thats interesting. Make me think crazy thoughts. Now that Im in the best riding shape of the summer. If they do age categories I will consider it. Need more info. More on that later.

Right after the weekend thoughts will be on Vegas. Flying out Tuesday and home Saturday. Like last year, the only thing planned it of course Crossvegas. Other than that I play it as it comes. Including Interbike. I'll go if there's nothing else better to do. 4 hours max. Then, when I return, Im thinking of another small tour. 4 to 5 days. Then.........

Ive got some time on my hands and Im not afraid to use it. Have a good weekend.


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