Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Update

Pretty basic weekend. Saturday I opted out of a afternoon ride and decided to work. So I stayed at the store till close but then didnt get a whole lot done. I do that all the time. Gatta stop "hanging out" when at the store. Getting more work done equals more riding time.
Sunday I had a good 40 mile road ride since the Saturday morning road ride was rained out. That ride was, in fact, the last ride on my Madone. For real.
Im a little bummed about it, actually, I would not mind buying that bike for myself, I love it. And had planned on keeping it until Ultegra electronic showed up last month. So now that electronic shifting is in a way better price range I will go for it. For the most part I am going to get the same exact bike, a 6.5 H3. The argyle design is no longer available in Project One so I will have to go with another.

Anyway, I try not to sell on my blog but if you are in the market for a high end bike this one is going for less than 50% of retail.  Inquire within. Moving on.

Im almost afraid to post this since the last two times I did turned out to be disasters but here it go's.... I am planning on racing the MTB next Sunday in Greenbay. I am again scheduled to vend there so its game on. The last two times I planned on racing did not work out so well. This week I turn by sights on the Superfly. And plan on riding it exclusively all week. My MTB racing\riding as been pathetic this summer but maybe a late summer push in that regard might help.

Speaking of late summer.We are now heading into the best time of year to me. Late summer\fall is my fav time of year. All the century's to ride, not to mention the pending cross season. Its awesome outside right now. Humidity is gone and the sun's out. I do my best to take advantage.

Taking advantage is what I do best.


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