Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tour Over

Niagara Escarpment. Saturday.
Again when a lot happens between posts its hard to document. In the past I would do a post for each day, But will try and get it all down in one big swoop here.
DAY ONE: Rolled out the driveway at 9am on Friday. Steve D. was there to ride me out of town. He did the same in 2008. He rode a bout 20 miles and flipped it and I was off solo. My plans were to ride near Algoma, about a 70 mile ride. But the wind was behind me and I decided at the last minute, pretty late in the day, to ride to Sturgeon Bay. Thats almost 90 miles. And also decided to grab a hotel the first nite cuz rain was coming anyway. And I knew where the Super 8 was along the hiway there. 
I pulled into the lot with 91 miles, blown out and tired. Its late and the parking lot is full.
But I am told at the desk there are 3 rooms left. Thank you.
Then I am told its Friday and weekend rates apply. $122.00
You must be kidding. He was not. Seems this hotel catches the late nite ILL people heading up to Door County. I have no choice. Im wasted and have no guarantee that I will find another room. I pay. I already have paid more in hotels then my 18 day tour in 08. Im upset for awhile but calm down and try not to let it ruin the rest of my weekend.
DAY TWO: After the 90 mile blowout yesterday, I only have 35 miles to go to Peninsula Park, one of my fav parks. I ride there and again, get the next to last site. The sire was small and right next to a bathroom. So it was loud all nite. The drunk group to the left was no help either. I fell asleep listening to them singing till after midnite. Also this day I get the notion that I have the wrong seat for this ride. At the last minute I pulled out a old seat, the one I thought was on my bike back in 08. I was wrong and the seat worked against me. I just thought it was the almost 7 hour ride yeatwerday but it was more than that. I figured the 35 mile day today will give me some needed rest.
DAY THREE: I left P park at 8am. Having been off the bike since noon the day before and I knew I was in trouble. Less than 10 miles in my saddle sores flare up. I then decided to start heading back home. I had made plans to ride from Fish Creek back to Sturgeon Bay, only another 35 mile ride but I had HUGE tailwinds. On rule of touring is that you never waste tail wind. So I set my sights south. Holding 20mph for extended time. Nice. 
Not nice was my sore butt. This seat was rubbing in places that have never been rubbed before (and not in a good way) and I was suffering. Gobs of shammy cream did no help and even hurt worse cuz my skin was so raw. And I was 120 miles form home. I pushed hard all the to Point Beach State Park near Two Rivers. Just 35 miles from home. I arrived almost in tears and did the last few miles standing. I never looked at the garmin all day as I was zoned out most of the time. 88 painfull miles.
I was almost expecting to hear no sites available, but there was, and I took an electric site to charge up my stuff. I set up, ate a little bit and laid down in the tent at 6pm and waited till it got dark to go to sleep. I never moved.

DAY FOUR: Tried to sleep in as long as I could.
Got up, busted camp and just told myself that Im just 35 miles from home. Jumped on the bike and felt the pain immediately. It was getting worse everyday. I considered a cell phone call to someone. But decided to tough it out. I rode home pretty slow. Made it in less than3 hours. Again, rode the last few miles pretty much standing. Almost in tears. I hurt so bad that if someone offered me a ride a mile from my house I would have taken it. Home by 1pm, showered and to bed.

I cannot belive that a seat could do that to me. But its shape and size just tore me up. I do have some very good seats. Seats that I fitted for myself. But they were all on demo bikes and I didnt want to take one off. That is a mistake I will never make again.
Besides the seat thing it was a good ride. Awesome weather and huge tailwinds.
Heres a link to some pics. More afterthoughts tomorrow.


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