Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tour 2011 is on!

It was a long shot but its a go! I leave town Friday morn, Aug 12th. Head north. Destination unknown.
I cant believe this is happening cuz quite a lot of issues had to play out in my favor. But one by one things went my way. Last week I thought I had a chance so I started planning.
Today the last piece of the puzzle came in to play and I nailed it.
Im thinking five days minimum. I just got the panniers today so the bike I believe is 100 % complete.
Now theres no way I can buy the gear I need in such a short time so I will start scrounging.
The tent will be a big issue.
Sleep bag and pad I can purchase but the tent I want is out of stock till November.

Thanks to Steve D for letting me borrow his tandem. I sold him this rig a couple years ago. CoMotion makes nice stuff. Steel is real.

Had two nice rides with the wife. Both around 20 miles and I felt every mile. We hit 30mph a few times. I believe that's the fastest she has ever gone on a bike. Did 85% of the work.
Good training.

Today I will forgo the HP (what?) and spend some time on the MTB as I am going to hit the MTB race at a new venue this Sunday. For me, its on my way as I am staying in Madison Sunday nite and attending Treks dealer show on Monday. Its their equivalent to Interbike (which I also booked my flight to today). They wine and dine you. Show you next years bikes. Ask how many you want to order....I tell them that I'll let them know later.


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sprider said...

Glad you enjoyed the ride, we love it (most of the time!)

We hit 50 mph on a downhill once. Keely just closes her eyes now and tells me not to say what speed we hit until we stop. She also hits me on the back if she thinks we're going too fast.