Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things to Do.

A very rare Saturday post. Had planned on a ride before the store opened today but a spot of rain called that off or maybe just postponed it.
Looking for a average day at the store today. I have a ton of stuff to do. I never get to use bullets so I will here. Things to do are.....

  • Glue a set of cross tubulars.
  • Detail my Madone. Its officiously for sale and Im not riding it anymore :(
  • Clean my office. (Its unbelievably bad)
  • Assemble four sold bikes. (will have help with that)
  • Tune all my cross demo bikes. Its go time for cross.
  • Its game on as far as my cross race go's. Gatta put the flyer together..and more.
  • I still have not closed Julys books. The boring accounting stuff is the worst!
  • I need to make more coffee.
  • And need to ride a bit later.
I would like to ride the tour bike with the Brooks saddle for an hour and a half. I am, in fact, planning another tour between Sept 19th and 30th. Maybe four days again.And this time I would like to look for a partner. I have extra panniers..... and a Nomad trailer to spare. Wanna?

As far as the cross race go's.... I do have a lot to do as its crunch time. All the things on my race to do list is coming up. Got the clinic on Sept 3rd. Race Oct 30th. 

Im only days away from going all cross. Parking the Madone was the first step.


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