Friday, August 26, 2011

More MTB

Yesterday I had the best MTB ride of the summer, maybe the best all around ride of the summer. Hit up the New Fane trails. This is a lesser known trail system actually designed by IMBA trail people. 

Saw this guy(or gal) sleeping. Its on the top of the door trim at the bathrooms there. This dude had to have crawled up the side of the bathroom wall to get there. he was six feet up. Anyone know what species? I do not.

The trails there are awesome. They are very close to our local trails in Greenbush but without all the rocks. These trails are way faster a flow smoother. I felt pretty good on the bike and could even feel the 10 pounds I lost last month. I think Im ready to do battle Sunday. The weather has been and is going to be beautiful for MTBing. I plan on having a good race Sunday but if you remember my standard for a good race is pretty low: 1) Dont fall down.  2) Dont finish last(in age) 3) Pass someone, anyone on last lap. Very simple and (almost) always doable. Especially now that I got my MTB mojo back.

Its game on. For real.
Have a good weekend.


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