Thursday, August 25, 2011


When people come from out of town to the store to rent bikes the first thing they ask is how to get down to the lake. Its the first thing they want to ride to. Living next to one of the great lakes is a privilege I never take for granted. Its amazing how such a thing can become invisible to some.  Not to me, but I guess I can understand to some. I am still amazed, even after living here all of my 51 years, how this thing just grabs my imagination. At times, I cant take my eyes off it. And is part of why my HP is my HP. Todays visit was awesome. Sun is out. Saw an eagle. Good start to the day.

As I type Im waiting for my Trek rep to show. He will help take care of some store issues and then I will scoot him out the door so I can again grab my MTB for a few hour of practise. Its Thursday and Im still on for this race Sunday. It will only be my second race this year but this course is Clydesdale friendly and I should have fun. And the practise sessions are kinda fun too.
Bring it on.


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