Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday and Out.

Its Friday. I have staffed the store so I can leave early today, and that I dont have to work tomorrow. Or Monday either. More on that later.
Ive been pretty much on the MTB the last few days just trying to get the magic back. Im racing this on Sunday. Not that Im hoping for a placing. Just so I do not look stupid. Or fall down. I have not rode this course so Im going in blind. Thats always good for a few scary moments. Thank God for disc brakes. I also hear its a climbing start. That puts me behind the 8 ball right off the bat. Good thing I have no expectations when I race. My criteria for a successful race is simple and three fold. 1) do not take last. 2) do not fall down. 3) pass somebody, anybody on the last lap. If I do all three I had a good race. We'll see on Sunday.
I didnt plan on this race but I'm headed for Madison for a few days of Trekworld. Trek invites all their retailers to three days of seminars, fun stuff and the unveiling of the 2012 stuff. They put us up in a hotel, feed us for a few days. Its completely free for us dealers so I go.
Rumor has it the Schlecks are showing up. Just hear say right now.
So since Im driving past the race venue on my way I might as well just race the damn bike.

So Im out later today until Tuesday. Then, its back for two days and then out the door with the tour bike. I am scrambling to get my gear together for that. Im sure Ill forget something...
Have a good weekend.


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