Monday, August 29, 2011

I am a Clydesdale.

Fellow Clydes?
Today I have the luxury of actually having something to post about. I raced my bike. And had fun doing it. First off, you ever go to a race with someone and then on the drive home get a turn by turn recap of his\her race (twice)? I am not that guy.
The race was fun. I led my category from the first turn on. I rode as fast as I could at times. 5 or 6 guys from other category's past me climbing. All skinny. The wide open, double track suited both me and the 29er Superfly. We worked together. I won. 
Thats it.
I will say something tho.... I always go back and forth on what category to race. Should I do Clydesdale or my age group straight up. Sunday I did Clyde cuz I was not sure of my fitness level. In May, I raced age group and finished 7 out of 15 and was happy with that having 80 pounds on some of the other guys. But racing and winning Clyde was good for me for several reasons. 

First off I was pleasantly surprised with my bike fitness. Way better than I thought and I think the bike tour a couple weeks ago helped a ton. And second, look at the guys who places second and third. Clydes? Maybe by numbers only. The guy on the right I consider skinny. Taller but skinny. The guy who took third on my left maybe just broke into the 200's for weight. Not much more that that. I weighed 258 that day. And at 51 was the oldest. At first, winning Clyde was kinda sandbagging to me. I always feel like winning what could be the slowest class in WORS was kinda a bummer. Like it should not even count.

But I dont feel that way about Sunday. Im kinda proud of that win.
Looking at the results and the podium, I am the oldest in my category. And while I cant say the biggest or Clydsdaliest of everyone since I didnt see them all, for sure I had a minimum of 50 pounds on the other guys who medaled. It just makes me feel better about my size and age. Im so used to our group rides all summer getting the crap beat out of me by the Cat one guys that after half a summer of that I start questioning why Im on the bike in the first place. And I know thats bad but that how I feel after getting dropped ride after ride.

So Sunday, racing well with my peers was the shot in the arm I needed. I guess Im the fastest old and fat guy I know and if thats all Im going to be on the bike, I'll smile and take it.


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