Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Everyday a Suprise in the HP.

Todays HP visit brought s little surprise. I have been in the place almost everyday for the last 5 years and I have never seen this. Most would call this a "water fountain" but in Sheboygan the are called "bubblers". Not sure why.
Whatever you call these things this one is out in the middle on nowhere, just sitting there on the beach. I checked it. It works.
I think they should ditch it.

Am hoping to get in a ride today. But I am alone in the store until this afternoon as my mechanic has the next two weeks off. So Im pulling double duty for 14 days. With a little help for sure. The week long countdown to actually racing a MTB is still on. I need to get on it soon. If not today, then tomorrow morn for sure. The time I have had on a MTB is so low its silly. I have literaly rode it maybe 7 times this summer. Thats not silly thats sad.


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